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Is Cheap Web Hosting Actually Cheaper?

Have you ever heard the expression “you get what you pay for?” Why no, you were raised by wolves and have only recently come to learn the greatest clichés of human civilization! Nevertheless, the philosophy behind that old cliché is still valid: if you buy cheap you will get cheap. If you accept something for free, you can’t really complain.

The same is true when it comes to cheap web hosting. Your first thought is probably something along the lines of “why pay for web hosting when so many companies are giving away services for free?” You cannot totally discount the idea of free webhosting. For some individuals, and even some small companies, a simple web hosting package may be suitable. Because these companies have no money to invest in superior web hosting services, they are content with free or cheap hosting. Then again, some of the best features of pay web hosting are not that important to them.

They may not mind a large banner on the top of their homepage. They may not put great importance in consistent uptime or functionality. They may not even care about uploading specific types of content like video, audio or other forms of multimedia. In other words, the more you care about your website and the more control you want over it, the more money you should be willing to pay.

Cheap websites are known to have problems with total uptime, bad customer support, especially in technical areas, and multiple restrictions on what can or can’t be uploaded. You may not be allowed to upload video footage, audio sounds or songs or other forms of multimedia content. You probably know that most free websites insist upon having banner ads and pop under ads appear along with a user’s homepage. To some this may not be a big deal but to others it is a significant distraction from selling the primary product or service.

It’s comparable to having your own retail store and then letting an independent salesperson talk to all of your customers as soon as they enter the room. If you only have a few seconds to win over your customer’s interest to start with, wouldn’t you rather you have their full attention when making your pitch? Banner advertising is distracting and shows your customers that all in all, you really don’t care about your own marketing campaign.

If free or cheap web hosting actually costs you money that you could be making, can it really be considered cheaper? How much money will you lose from downtime? How much money will be lost by consulting inexperienced technical support? How many individual sales will banner advertising lose for you? Calculate the cost and determine whether one sale lost will make up for a reasonably low monthly subscription rate.

Competitive web hosting offers you many more high-tech features that will help to professionalize your business in the eyes of the viewing public. Your company will only benefit from the total freedom that pay web hosting brings you. You only have the capacity to think outside the box and come up with something brilliant if you are given full control over your marketing efforts!

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