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The Importance of Having a Reliable Web Hosting

Just how important is it to have “reliable” web hosting? Every web service claims to be reliable, but some stress the promise more than others. Usually only pay services claim to have high uptimes, up to 99% total availability. You may be wondering whether it’s worth investing in higher caliber web hosting services for this supposed “reliability” or if the cheaper websites will perform just as well. First consider why it is important that your web hosting service be reliable.

Capturing the interest of your customer is paramount and may mean the difference between a loss and a sale. The failure to provide a reliable website that is easy to access throughout the day and night could whether a potential customer keeps returning to your site or never thinks of your name again. The mindset of the average customer is impulsive and demanding. He wants business right now and if you’re not there to completely accommodate him, he will find another merchant to do business with. Money is the motivation here and if you cannot sustain the interest of your visitors, you are well on your way to losing money.

Remember that your website could theoretically go down for any number of reasons. In addition to technical problems and severe weather, websites are often made inaccessible because of website modifications. Even if your customers are kind enough to give your business a second chance, frequent downtime will eventually affect your search engine rankings. If a search engine finds an “empty” site (which is actually just giving off an error message due to being offline) it will hardly consider it relevant to the keywords it is currently searching for.

Additionally, problems with loading speed can negatively impact the success of a marketing campaign. No user wants to have to wait for pictures of animation to load. Consider that many of these users pay top dollar for high speed Internet access. The idea of a slow website may be insulting to them, and will quickly dissipate any initial interest. The less traffic you keep, the less sales potential you possess.

While cheap web hosting with very limited bandwidth might be appropriate for a small business that merely promotes a company in one small neighborhood, for a company that has worldwide markets to tend to and that is trying to increase online sales, an unreliable website costs a great deal of money. In the end, these cheap websites are probably more expensive than a pay website, since the limitations and restrictions you face are costing you sales.

There are some online services that offer helpful web tools that can measure the up and down time that a web hosting service offers. If you are interested in retaining at least a 99% reliability then it is imperative that you research your web hosting options and determine which one will best suit your purposes. Remember that you have to spend some money to make money and designing an eye-appealing, professional website will ultimately pay off.

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