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Why Would I Need a Windows Host?

About now you are probably considering what kind of web hosting company you should work with. You may have already familiarized yourself with popular web hosting features as well as tips on how to go about transferring your website to another web hosting company. Now it’s time to consider what type of host you should use.

The answer to this question can be found by exploring the individual features you hope to utilize for your website. Do you want your own dedicated server or would you be willing to share a server with others? Will you have a database running? (Databases are required for special applications like guest books or other forms, shopping carts and discussion forums. You also have to consider if you have the right to program and install your own applications or if your provider has pre-installed applications and scripts that they use. Some webmasters have difficulty working with provided applications and programs, as they may be limited in some respects.

A more important issue to keep in mind is that of Windows hosting or UNIX hosting. You may be confronted with the choice to go with a Windows hosting provider, a UNIX host, or other host systems like Linux, Macintosh, Free BSD and others. What is the difference between these types? Linux is well-liked because it is an economic alternative to Windows, while Unix is slightly more expensive and hardware-specific. Besides these two alternatives, Windows hosting is the most popular.

Windows is the best operating system to use if compatibility and support are of the utmost concern. In addition, when you use a provider that utilizes Microsoft Windows hosting, you get access to special programming and applications that are not available on other platforms. For instance, Windows hosting gives you access to .NET technologies such as ASP.net or VB.net. Windows also works better with MSSQL database and is the only option for using Microsoft Access’s databases. Finally, Sharepoint services (by Microsoft) work ideally on a Windows server.

In short, when you use Microsoft’s products in programming your website or server you must use a Microsoft Windows server. Users that are hoping to reach more users by using more common online applications may have special interest in working with a Windows server. The only major disadvantage (provided you don’t have a problem working with Windows software) is that Windows hosting plans are usually more expensive. Microsoft charges companies extra for licensing its name and technology, so you can see why Unix and Linux are the economic choice. It just depends on what you’re capable of programming on a less popular but still increasingly emerging operating system.

How much can you expect to pay for a Windows hosting plan? Some starter plans are as low as four dollars a month while more high-tech plans can range closer to $20 a month. With the pricier options you also get additional benefits such as high bandwidth and more hard drive space. Why would I need a Windows host, you ask? Now you know why.

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