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Review of Top10 Web Hosting Company:   A2 Hosting

A2hosting is one of the top hosting providers that offer an extensive range of hosting plans
to meet the needs of varied customers. Founded in 2003, they have been offering a valuable
service in the web hosting industry for the past eight years. You can choose shared, dedicated,
VPS, managed VPS or reseller hosting plan that suits your need best. They take pride in
conducting their business in a socially responsible manner. They utilize numerous eco friendly
practices to save our planet. They employ some of the latest technologies like Apache 2.2,
Ruby rails and SSH shell and so on.

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A2 Hosting
A2hosting offers 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their customers are satisfied with their guarantee. They are confident that their sites are available most of the time in any given month. A2hosting employs the most dedicated servers, which ensures that you can carry out your work without any interruption. They want to get maximum number of customers and are looking for ways to maximize their profits. However, they do not compromise their social responsibility. They offer 30day money back guarantee as well. If you are not satisfied with any of their service, you can get back your money after fulfilling some terms and conditions. They use the most sophisticated software, which assures that your software problem will be resolved quickly.

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A2hosting has stable, reliable server, which makes sure that you can enjoy maximum speed. The speed provided by the web hosting service provider often determines the success or failure of your business. A2hosting will not disappoint you, when it comes to speed. Your website visitors will appreciate the loading the web pages. A2hosting has their own server monitoring system that watches the server, network and software, so it can find out the problems quickly, which in turn results in fast resolution.
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Customer Support
A2hosting has received five starts in many reviews for customer support. Choosing a web hosting plan from them assures you to get the best customer service 24/7/365. They have a dedicated team of knowledgeable, friendly technicians who are willing to provide you with expert advice at anytime you need, no matter whether your problem is small or big. You can check their Frequently Asked Questions section to get the best answers for your hosting related questions. They also offer a number of articles on web hosting, which help you understand the features and benefits of various products. You can also get your queries answered in A2hosting forum.
score 5 out of 5

Highlights of A2 Hosting
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Many webmasters want to use the web hosting services of A2hostng. The customers appreciate their faultless service and support. They respond to your needs as quickly as possible and lend you a hand to make your web hosting process smooth and effective. They offer affordable web hosting plans for those who are looking for budget web hosting, but do not want to sacrifice quality. Their unlimited disk space, data transfers and user friendly cPanel control panel are ideal for any type of websites. They let you use the latest tools like PHP5.3 and MySQL database 5.1. Their web hosting plans come with website builder tools, which make it a breeze for beginners to create a website.

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