Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a specialized type of web hosting service that allows the users to have full or nearly full control over the entire server. It is completely different from shared hosting where the resources of the server are shared between multiple users. By choosing dedicated hosting you are leasing the entire server and so you can make use of the entire resources associated with that server. Dedicated web hosting is an ideal option if you want more reliability and security for your high traffic website. It allows you to customize your hosting experience. It relieves you form the worry of your site going offline. Dedicated web hosting also avoid server overload problems. Because there is no overload of websites being hosted by a single server the server is not taxed by excessive traffic, applications and data. Dedicated hosting gives you complete access to the server and enjoy unlimited flexibility.

Dedicated hosting is more reliable than a shared and virtual private server hosting. Because you are not sharing the resources of the server like processor power, disk space and memory with anyone else the performance of the dedicated server will be great. By opting for a dedicated hosting plan you are relieved from the risk of the server being slowed down, crashed by some other site or swamped with excessive traffic. Downtime is an important concern for many business websites. Dedicated web hosting offers a great solution to this problem. Because the chance of your website going down is minimal you can be sure that your site will be available for your visitors most of the time. More important your business will not lose their customers. A Dedicated web hosting plan gives you complete control over the server so you can customize the setting to match your exact business needs. You can make use of any sophisticated program you need while setting automatic backup times.

Dedicated hosting allows you to use all the resources of the server. The result is faster page loading and downloads by your visitors. The best web hosts employ the most advanced and powerful dedicated servers, high performance CPUs and high speed drives. This ensures that you can get fast and optimum performance. There is no overload of websites being hosted by a single server. Hence, the loading speed of your website is more than other websites that use shared or VPS hosting plans.

Customer support:
You can get the most outstanding customer support by choosing a dedicated hosting plan offered by a reliable web hosting service provider. Some hosts offer a personalized customer support service, which lets you get a great solution to your unique problems easily and effectively. You can contact the customer support representative of the web host at anytime you need. Live chat support, email and phone support is offered by reliable web hosting companies. The knowledgeable and responsive technical support staff of the web host helps you get all your hosting related queries answered. The customer support team is dedicated to take care of all your technical needs and guide you throughout the hosting process. They respond to you much faster. Most of the queries are answered within a few minutes, so you can better serve your customers through your website.

Dedicated hosting is the best option for high traffic and high end websites. You can have a greater flexibility by choosing this hosting plan. Dedicated servers offer higher priority to your security. With a dedicated server hosting you don't need to worry about hackers and viruses. Though the cost of a dedicated hosting plan are more than the shared and VPS hosting plans but it is the most excellent option for those who want the highest level of performance and security.

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