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GoDaddy is undoubtedly one of the best domain registration and web hosting services in the world. When it comes to discussing pros and cons of GoDaddy, it's no surprise that pros definitely outnumber its cons without a shadow of a doubt. Here are some of the pros and cons of GoDaddy web hosting service.

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Pros of GoDaddy Web Hosting

To start with, GoDaddy web hosting service is a professional company. GoDaddy primarily strives hard to ensure that top notch service is provided to all their clients. It is this customer friendly attitude that makes GoDaddy special.

Web hosting is a process that revolves around a lot of technicalities and hence a lot depends on the kind of technology that has been used. To the advantages of its clients, GoDaddy uses some of the most advanced technology to carry out web hosting services. The hosting is done using Linux which is considered as the best in the business. With advanced hosting technology in use, GoDaddy web hosting rarely comes across errors. Using advanced technology also ensures that minimum period of time is taken for the purpose of hosting. As a client, this further enables your website to be active in no time.

GoDaddy web hosting service has some of the most amazing packages on offer. These are monthly packages which would ensure that top class service is offered to you at a very reasonable price. In-fact, GoDaddy web hosting is considered to be low cost as compared to most of the other hosting service provides, especially keeping in mind the kind of quality GoDaddy is associated with.

GoDaddy web hosting coupons are extremely popular and can be used in order to avail tempting discounts on their hosting services. These coupons would enable you to hire hosting services from GoDaddy at a price which you would have never imagined.

GoDaddy web hosting is also known to have one of the best customer service supports. The customer service support is efficient, quick to react and polite. It works around the clock and does not believe in the term 'holiday'.

Cons of GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy has been criticized for the fact that it does not offer free domain registration. There are domain registration services on the web that offer a free domain once you sign up. However, this is not the case with GoDaddy web hosting.

GoDaddy is famous for its discount coupons that are available on the Internet. However, GoDaddy has limited coupons on offer and this has been a sort of criticism against it as potential clients and current clients feel that more number of discount coupons would certainly be of great help.

There have been certain speculations regarding the control panel of GoDaddy. A few reviews suggest that the control panel is not very user friendly.

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