Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where an individual or company buys a reseller hosting plan or a dedicated server and sells web hosting to other people. You can start a small web hosting company by using this hosting service. You can either lease a dedicated sever from a web host or resell shared web hosting services. The hosting company will give you some amount of disk space and bandwidth and you can sell them to end users for a profit. Reseller hosting offers an excellent way to average people to enter the hosting industry and make money. You can make use of it even if you do have much technical knowledge. Reseller hosting is becoming more popular because they offer plenty of benefits. They offer you the freedom to deliver various hosting plans that best suits the needs of your prospective clients. You are also allowed to create your own website. You can manage your reseller account easily with the help of control panel offered by the web hosting service provider.

Reseller Hosting benefits

If you have decided to start a small business by buying a reseller hosting plan you need to choose the web host that is highly reliable. Reliable web hosting service provider helps you to serve your clients better. It is worth to pick a web host that offers a huge customer base. If the customers are happy with the web host, they will be happy with you as reseller of their hosting plans. The web host that uses the most powerful servers can offer 99.9% up-time guarantee. They allow you to use their sophisticated servers and data center. The performance of the web server depends wholly on the hosting company. Hence, finding a good web host is important to offer reliable performance. There are some web hosts that offer reseller hosting at very cheap prices but they may allot you a space on overcrowded servers which causes frequent downtime, stability and performance problems. This in turn ends up in offering poor service to the end users.

Speed is another important factor to look for in a web host before buying a reseller hosting plan from them. The web host you want to choose should not suffer from overburdened network connections because this could cause slower performance. It is worth to ask the host about their capacity, usage and backup connections. You can do a speed test by pinging and find out whether which host will suit your needs.

Customer support:
Before choosing the web host you need to check whether they offer flawless customer support. The host that understands the problems of their customers and has the willingness to serve them better is worth to select. Reseller hosting is an ideal business option for newbies and tech savvy people. Hence, the host should offer all the essential support to make your hosting experience pleasurable. The best web host offers outstanding customer support via phone, live chat and email. The knowledgeable, friendly web hosting customer support staff is available 24/7 so you can contact them at anytime you need. They have great skills and experience in all the technical aspects of web hosting so they can help you get your doubts clarified and give you the right guidance to solve your problems.

Reseller hosting is the easiest way to offer hosting services to your customers. All you need to do is to sign up for a reseller hosting account with a reliable host. Reseller web hosting allows you to host multiple domains and websites on a single server. It provides you with a simple way to set up your own hosting company and make money online.

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