Shared Web Hosting

If you are looking for a web host to host your website you can find various types of web hosting. Shared web hosting is one of the most popular types because it is affordable and offers plenty of useful features.

Shared web hosting is the cheapest and best way for an average user who wants to get his website online. Shared web hosting is a hosting service where many websites share the resources of the same server. The websites are separated from one another by allotting a separate section on the server.Because each website gets its own partitioned space there is very little chance of mixing the data. Shared hosting is offered by many web hosting service providers. Because the web server maintenance cost are shared by many users the service providers normally charge a very reasonable rate.

Shared Hosting Benefits

Shared web hosting plans are offered by many web hosts and features a high reliability quote. Almost all hosts offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. Reliability cannot be 100% perfect due to various reasons. Large amounts of traffic to the server, efforts being made to improve the server performance and some other technical reasons can cause downtime. Though 1% downtime is common, you need to confirm whether the web host you want to choose can take immediate steps to fix that problem. The reliable shared web hosting service provider is one who offers daily site backups, firewall protection, Spam filtering and server monitoring. The best web hosts have reliable web servers with multiple fast connections which ensure that your website will run smoothly.

The speed of the web server's connection is one of the main factors that determine the speed at which your web pages load. That's why it is crucial to choose a web host that offers a dependable and powerful connection. The speed of the shared web hosting can even influence your Google rankings. Testing the speed of the shared hosting plan is very simple. You can test the speed by pinging the server. Download a speed test can also help you determine the speed of the host. You can ask your host to test a download file. If the host has the ability to send a few hundred KB file within a few seconds, you can confirm that the speed of the host is good.

Customer support:
Any good shared web hosting plan comes with a faultless customer support. The reputed web hosts offering shared web hosting plans offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days time. So you don't need to stick with a bad service provider. If you do not like the features from the provider you can get your money back and choose some other web host that suits your needs. It is quite common to get some problems while setting up new websites and transferring domains. Hence you need the help of a reliable customer support team. A reliable and reputable web hosts has a knowledgeable team and friendly customer support team who respond to you as quickly as possible and help you to fix your problems. You can check whether the customer support team of the web host you want to choose works dedicatedly by sending a test email to them. So you can find out how long they take to respond.

Shared web hosting is an ideal option for anyone with a budget constraints and wants a place for their website on the Internet. Shared hosting offers many beneficial features like easy to use control panel and server management. You can create and launch your website effortlessly with the help of a control panel offered by the web host. As you do not control the web server entirely you don't need not worry about server management. If any problem occurs in the server the web host will take the job of fixing it. Hence, shared web hosting is a great option for small business websites, personal websites and blogs.

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