3 Indispensable Components Of SEO

The concept of SEO* can be defined as the optimization of your website to make it search engine friendly. The SEO plays a vital role in determining the number of visitors on your website and the ultimate success of it. The webmasters seek techniques and strategies to enhance the visibility of their sites. There are basically three indispensable components of SEO and each has its own unique challenges, strategies and difficulties.

Site Content is one of the fundamental indispensable components of SEO. The information or the content of the site must be useful and relevant. The website must contain enough information pertaining to all the products that you intend to sell. Adding a blog press release, news section, FAQ section, client testimonials, photo gallery, monthly newsletter and reviews on the products are some of wonderful creative ideas to great site content.The content must have relevant key phrases or key words.

These are the words entered by the users while making a search in the search engine. The SEO then finds all the information containing these keywords in the web. After exploring the web a search engine list is prepared displaying all the web pages containing these keywords. If the keywords are properly inserted in your website code, then it is sure to be displayed as a result of the search. Thus keywords are one of the indispensable components of a site.

Indispensable components of SEO

However the overuse of keywords has damaging effects. It is imperative to determine the optimal keyword density. This means the number of the times the keyword to be used for the particular number of words on the web page. Experts suggest that keyword density of 5% on a 500 word page is the most appropriate. Web page titles are the text containing short summary and description of the site being used on the top corner of the browser. It essentially gives the short summary of the site.

It is important to realize the significance of the web page title because it is one of the most basic element detected by the SEO on the site. The web page title must use the optimum and relevant keywords of your website. The importance of page titles is often ignored by the webmasters but it is instrumental for the success of your SEO strategy.

Back links are the most indispensable components of SEO for your site. Some of the major search engines prefer a link to your site from other similar related sites. This means that the web pages must be properly interlinked for a successful SEO positioning of your site. The pages can be linked together with keywords specified in the links. Acquiring relevant and quality links to your site determines the search engine ranking of your site. This is termed as 'link popularity'. The number of inbound links determines the effectiveness of the SEO.

An SEO friendly HTML is one of the indispensable components of SEO. Too much Javascript*, weak title tags, Meta descriptions* and flash-only site*, spamming*, slow load time and large graphical texts are some of the factors that accounts for poor HTML in the site. An HTML expert programmer can fix all these issues and result is in a successful SEO strategy. By focusing on all these components the SEO campaign can be made successful. These SEO tactics helps your website to achieve higher position in the search engines and tap visitors searching for information services and products on the Internet.

A scripting language with high class functions. It supports many programming styles.

*Meta descriptions:
The concise summary of page content.

Flooding with junk and unsolicited bulk mails and messages.

*Flash only site:
A type of website designing that has many limitations and is generally not a preferred design.

Search engine Optimization.

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