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Electronic Commerce popularly known as eCommerce helps in trading over Internet through different sites. You can create your own website with the help of eCommerce website building technology. It is made easily as design development technology, and the specification is available online which guides you through the entire process. The name eCommerce is attached because it is used for commercial purpose like product buying and selling, bidding, adding to shopping cart and so on. The term "e" is added because the commercial transaction is done with the help of an electronic medium that is Internet. eCommerce is used by banks for fund transfer for EDI*, online transaction process and any commercial work done through Internet.

To design and develop you must go through eCommerce website building sites that guide you with design, template and usage. Tools like HTML*, Photo-shop, Adobe Flash, CSS* tools are used to design the eCommerce website. There are many other tools used to make your website look different from others. There are different templates, colors, designs that have been created for every individual business purpose. According to your suitability you can choose the style and develop your website. Electronic Commerce is involved in business-to-business (B2B) activity enhancing your trading priorities. With the latest technology and with the growth of online activities eCommerce has gained immense popularity.

The eCommerce website building has been developed for different activities like Internet banking, online fund transfer, teleconferencing, and online shopping and for many other activities. Banks, Online market, share market, courier companies all have developed their websites for smooth running of their business. There are various layouts that are designed for specific businesses and are used while developing the website. Tabs are also used for click purpose. Hyperlink is added to give access to both website and excel sheet or word documents. There are many online eCommerce building packages available which can be bought and installed.

eCommerce website building

With eCommerce website building you need to have complete computer knowledge to access it. You must be aware of the technical terms if not an expert must be educated with computer features. With an eCommerce website you can create your own site with designs and templates that suits your business and publish the same. In the world of publicity eCommerce has made it possible to make your business grow with a small click. Internet is a regular activity in every home and with credit cards and ATM debit cards online fund transfer, online payment net banking has become common amongst people. eCommerce gives you the facility to access them with ease.

Online business has made it possible for all individual working or based at home to access through Internet and enjoy all the facilities online. With eCommerce website building you get an opportunity to make your business grow faster. There are consultants who can guide you with the website projects. Once you create your website you are ready to make money by doing online business. eCommerce is related with business dealings thus the technology has been made in such a manner that it is developed for official purpose.

Electronic data interchange that helps to transfer data from one system to other.

Hypertext markup language is a program language used to develop website.

Cascading Style Sheet is another language used for programming.

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