About Shared Hosting And Site Downtime

It is natural for one to opt for a shared hosting service because it is much more affordable than any other service. Though this service is being shared by many users there are a few issues with the quality of shared hosting and site downtime. The most common issue that is often complained about is the site downtime. When one buys the shared hosting service they are promised of more than 99% up time. But many times they fail to keep up such guarantee. It is quite essential that the hosting service must be able to provide the up-time as guaranteed because many viewers get disappointed if the site is down frequently or for longer times.

shared hosting and site downtime is a common issue but it is also important to understand why this problem occurs and what kind of solutions can be made available. A shared hosting service is advisable to those who want to launch a personal website or fun site. Even if somebody wants to start a professional website initially they can utilize the shared web hosting. Later professional users would be advised to move on to the much reliable server once the site has gained enough traffic because downtime for the site may not be affordable. This would have adverse effects on revenues from their sites because many visitors dislike visiting such websites. It may also cause to lose the already existing visitors because of poor hosting.

Shared Hosting and site downtime

Shared hosting is not as excellent as dedicated hosting in handling large traffic. Because the server is shared by many it may happen that high traffic to one site or if one website is linked to the other then a few of the sites may suffer downtime as server gets clogged and is unable to serve all the websites at a time. This is a temporary problem of shared hosting and site downtime would go off once downloads, requests to content and overall traffic reduces and would start working normally.

shared hosting is a good hosting service if used in an effective and efficient manner. Many times shared hosting and site downtime may happen due to user related issues. If the user exceeds the disk space* and bandwidth* allotted to those then hosting service provider may stop their service for that month. In such case one has to understand that if you use a cheap hosting service then your package has limited bandwidth and disk space. Initial users may not be aware of their requirement and may breach this limits and this may force hosting service providers to stop your service. This would obviously cause site downtime for that prescribed period. Therefore to avoid downtime one should use their service wisely.

The server breakdown or data corruption is another issue with shared hosting and site downtime. Many users share one server and this increases the threat of data corruption and server problems. Therefore if you want to host an important website it is advisable to choose a dedicated website because many times the recovery of data loss may not be possible. In spite of all these issues many prefer to use a shared hosting service because it is affordable and best recommended for beginners.

*Disk Space:
The space in the server required for your website.

The speed at which information will be transferred to the visitors of your website.

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