Comparison Between Managed Web Hosting And VPS Hosting

Managed web hosting enables the website owners to realize the complete potential of their web servers. A company's website represents its business and therefore the owners make a lot of effort to keep it updated stuff it with great content and maintain high quality standards. The owner therefore resorts to web hosting for development and growth of the website. However he fails to maintain and updated it consistently due to lack of technical expertise and knowledge.

The site and online business is then adversely affected and may also suffer loss of major clients. Managed web hosting is a simple solution to this problem. This type of web hosting undertakes frequent maintenance so that the servers attain their peak performance levels and offers complete administration and technical support of the web server.

VPS or virtual private server is referred to two virtual machines that run on the software of the same physical computer and is equivalent functionally to a separate physical computer system. It is a type of web hosting that offers the privacy of a physically separate computer and at the same time can be configured as server software. VPS can be rebooted independently and can also run a fully functional operating system. It bridges the gap between dedicated hosting and shared hosting services. It is a popular web hosting plan because it offers privacy, personal dedicated server, versatility, connection speed and above all convenience. It is important to compare the services offered by managed web hosting and VPS so that the owners can make an informed decision while opting for a web hosting plan.

Managed Web Hosting or VPS Hosting

In terms of technical support both managed web hosting and VPS have the same criteria. However the way in which each provides the support varies. The support from a Managed web hosting plan is more personalized than VPS. The support and caution required to administer and maintain a dedicated server is huge as compared to a VPS server.

The performance level of a dedicated server is high compared to a VPS server. It can handle hundreds of websites without any problems. A VPS server can only hold limited sites and its performance dips due to overload. Both managed hosting server and VPS server are reliable in their own areas of scope. In case the managed web hosting servers are not managed properly then they don't prove to be reliable.

Managed web hosting is quite expensive if its fully automated. The VPS plans are cheaper compared to a managed hosting package. Most of the online businesses opt for VPS due to its affordable price range. However one may also end up getting a good deal with the managed web hosting plans that offers a variety of services at a flexible cost range.

Both VPS and managed web hosting have their own sets of limitations and benefits. It is very essential to analyze and make comparisons between the two depending on the requirement and affordability of the owner before taking a final call. One must be cautious while purchasing a plan because the probability of success in online business largely depends on the choice of web hosting plans and services.

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