Dedicated Server Or Managed Hosting?

The importance of having a solid online presence is obvious. Any business looking to do well on a national or global level needs to have an online representation. Apart from being a great tool for information your website will also help you to reach out to many more people. However when it comes to choosing a web hosting service people often run into the conflict of a dedicated server or managed hosting. Both these kinds of web hosting have advantages as well as shortcomings. These individual characteristics if handled well can work to your advantage.

While pitting dedicated server or managed hosting what people do not realize is that they are one and the same. dedicated or managed server hosting are both kinds of web hosting in which the entire server is leased out to a single customer. Since organizations have complete control over the servers it is considered to be more flexible than shared hosting. Again many companies use a dedicated server or managed hosting to their advantage.

When speaking of a dedicated server or managed hosting the most common point one comes across is that managed hosting is more expensive. While there is no doubt that this is true this kind of hosting can help a company cut down on a number of costs as well. These servers reduce the requirement for manual labor in many cases. This manpower can be used in several other areas. Other means required to run the website are also taken care of by dedicated servers. Apart from saving you loads of cash in various areas, it is also a great time-saving technique. These servers are capable of handling a number of time consuming activities giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

Differences between a Dedicated Server or Managed Hosting

Relevant functions are of great importance when discussing dedicated server or managed hosting. These servers are capable of handling a number of tasks including system updates, application monitoring, intrusion detection, backups, server monitoring as well as database administration. This is only a short list of functions that managed hosting servers are capable of. In fact there are a number of options available when going for these servers. They include basic servers, high end servers, bandwidth dedicated servers, database dedicated servers and server mirroring dedicated servers. From this list it becomes amply clear that no matter what your website requirement you will find a suitable dedicated server for it.

In the discussion regarding dedicated server or managed hosting the availability of freedom is another point that is brought up quite often. In contrast to shared servers, managed ones give you a flexibility to control various parameters of your website according to your requirements. You get the chance to actually concentrate on your website and think of ways to expand it whilst improving its performance. Another added benefit of dedicated servers is that you have the freedom to choose servers you will use and discard the rest. This will save you a lot of money and also free your network from unnecessary load. This factor gives users better control over their servers apart from saving them loads of cash.

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