Differences Between Dedicated Hosting And Reseller Hosting?

There are many types of web hosting services which are classified based on their various features. The features that are considered while classification are disk space that is space made available on the server by a web hosting service, bandwidth which is the rate at which the data gets transferred to the user over the high speed Internet connection, the security of the website from being spammed etc. There are a number of things that are being considered while defining the types of web hosting services and therefore each web hosting service type is different from the other. Similarly there is a great difference between dedicated hosting and reseller hosting service.

A dedicated hosting service as the name suggests is dedicated to a single user and has many benefits. This service provides complete privacy of space, speed and bandwidth to the user. It actually avails you the entire server space from the clients. The main factor while one chooses the web hosting service is the requirement of the user. Those who have a greater requirement of space, speed, bandwidth and secure website then they must go for dedicated hosting. This website allows large space on the server with enhanced memory storage. One can maintain high flow of continuous traffic conveniently on this type of hosting service. The major difference between the dedicated hosting and reseller hosting service is that with a dedicated hosting service a large amount of data can be accommodated on the server and it can have only one dedicated IP address.

Why choose Dedicated Hosting?

On the other hand reseller hosting is a service which enables the partition of disk space and bandwidth on the server provided. One can resell this partitioned space and therefore be able to earn some money with the reseller hosting service. Reseller hosting service provides you with the option of having a number of IP addresses. An important difference between dedicated hosting and reseller hosting service is that the dedicated hosting service is less or negligibly susceptible from being corrupt or spammed or damaged as compared to reseller hosting service. Though reseller hosting services are relatively cheaper than the dedicated ones. One can also sell this reseller service.

The difference between the dedicated hosting and reseller hosting service is quite clear, that if one needs a service for strictly professional work that would require high efficiency and high flow of traffic with larger disk space and bandwidth then one should choose a dedicated hosting service. Reseller hosting would be a good option for those who want to earn some money and cannot afford a dedicated server then reseller hosting service would be a good choice.

Reseller hosting service also provides good service with regards to security and disk space but as your requirement go high then the cost as well rises. There are packages that are low priced but then the features that would be provided along with those are limited. A dedicated hosting service is costly compared to reseller hosting and cannot be sold to anyone as such with any kind of partition. This is another difference between dedicated hosting and reseller hosting.

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