How Do You Find An Affordable Hosting Plan That Works

When you are looking for a web hosting plan that will work efficiently for your website you must consider the services and features the plan is offering. Some features to look for in an effective and affordable hosting plan are FTP, PHP, bandwidth, site statistics and up-time.

The plan you opt for must provide you with the FTP software because this is extremely important software witch you need to manage the file transfer from the computer of your server to your computer and vice versa. FTP* stands for File Transfer Protocol and it allows you to upload various documents, pictures, files, MP3* files and videos from your computer and transfer them on your website. With the help of FTP offered in an affordable hosting plan you can also download various files from the server's computer and save them in your hard disk. If your web hosting plan is not offering this software, then you will have to purchase it for managing the transfer of files

The second thing that would make your affordable hosting plan work effectively is PHP that means Personal Home Page. With the help of PHP* you can design an attractive web page that will help you to draw customers too your website and give it a professional look.

Essential features of your Affordable Hosting Plan

Another essential feature that needs equal consideration in an effective affordable hosting plan is the up-time factor. The up-time factor is the amount of time for which your website will be shown online. Once your website is online you must know the time for which your website is online because this will determine the amount of traffic on it.

In case your site is not provided with a high up-time factor then you might start losing sales. So the affordable hosting plan you choose must give you the up-time of at least 99.9% on a monthly basis. This up-time percentage equals to a downtime of about 45 minutes per month that is required for the maintenance of the server.

Another considerable factor is the amount of disk space in an affordable hosting plan. To make your web hosting plan work smoothly make sure that the plan offered to you has a disk space of at least 10 GB for starting a business. Some premium plans also offer unlimited disk space and you can chose one of them as your business expands.

Efficient web hosting plan

A high bandwidth in an affordable hosting plan allows you a fast rate for your data transfer. You ought to be aware of the bandwidth you get monthly because once you consume it fully your clients will facing problems while downloading files from your website. So when selecting your bandwidth limit it is advised to first estimate the monthly traffic on your website so that your bandwidth limit accommodates any number of visitors.

Lastly you must also see that with the help of your affordable hosting plan you are able to keep track of the number of visitors your website is getting monthly. Monitoring the number of hits and on which page is an extremely crucial factor of an efficient web hosting plan.

File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer data from one computer to another.

Hypertext Preprocessor is an extensively used scripting language to create websites.

MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3 refers to an audio format which is one of the most compatible audio encoding format for most personal music players such as iPod.

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