How Much Should I Pay For Quality Inexpensive Web Hosting ?

The amount you need to pay for an inexpensive web hosting site depends on the different facilities and features that you want. However these days web hosting has become quite inexpensive and affordable due to cheaper and faster server hardware as well as the falling cost of bandwidth*. Therefore it is quite possible for a website owner to get good quality services from hosting providers just for a few dollars a month. However while buying a cheap hosting service you need to keep certain things in mind. Bandwidth and web-space* should not be the only thing to consider while selecting a hosting plan because the customer service provided by the company is also important.

Inexpensive web hosting generally refers to the shared ones. You can avail an excellent plan of shared web hosting by paying around $3 to $5 a month. But the better plans generally come for at least $10 per month. If you are having multiple websites then it is better to select a bigger plan. For others you may also go for the hosting sites or reseller plans. If this is done in the right way then your website can definitely be a good source of your income.

Efficient customer support from your Inexpensive Web Hosting provider

The Windows-based web hosting plans are generally costlier than the Linux-based ones. This is due to the reason that Windows needs money for the licensing fees. Linux on the other hand is an open source and there is no need of paying any kind of licensing fees. If your website involves normal HTML* pages then you can go for either Linux-based or Windows-based hosting. If you want to have different web applications and specific scripts you should buy a hosting plan that includes various technologies and features. With proper research you will get the good quality and inexpensive web hosting but before buying you must check that it fulfills all your needs.

An inexpensive web hosting plan can cost from $3 or$ 4 to even $100 a month. However for the online entrepreneurs or the small businesses a good inexpensive web hosting can be perfect. You can get a web hosting plan that is filled with quality features between $3 and $8 a month. However here you should understand that the $3 web hosting package has lesser number of features than the $8 ones. So you need to choose the plan on the basis of your needs as well as your budget. You need to decide how much web space or what amount of bandwidth you want. You need to have enough disk space to store your website and sufficient bandwidth so that your customers can visit your website without any problem.

Going for an inexpensive web hosting plan does not mean that you have to compromise with the quality. You should also ensure that you get 99% up-time because that is highly important for your website to be accessed by the visitors. Your web hosting provider should also provide an efficient customer service.

A markup language required for creating web pages.

The speed at which data is transferred from the server to the people visiting a website.

*Web space:
The space provided by the web host for a website on their server.

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