Linux Server Versus Windows Server

Listed below are certain points to ponder when a Linux server versus Windows server comparison is being done. This subject of comparison between the two platforms of operating systems* stands to be a never ending discussion within the industry of computers. Both Linux and Windows server tends to differ in points of cost, stability, performance, versatility and philosophy. One can comfortably state that Linux web hosting has carved a niche for itself in modern days of web hosting. It has comfortably overtaken Unix platform to emerge as a winner. But when you compare it with Windows OS it is yet to conquer the same and Windows hosting still dominates the scene.

When it comes to Linux server versus Windows server comparison one can easily say that both of them are effective and the choice of web hosting server depends on the individual's or company's requirement and needs. If you compare the costing factor between the two then Linux scores well above the Windows server as the open source server, Linux is free because there are nil licensing charges* that are attached to it. On the other hand Windows server charges a license fee irrespective of which version is being used.

Linux Server versus Windows Server features comparison

Again when you compare the speed factor between Linux server versus Windows server Linux again scores better with a 25% faster performance speed. When it comes to flexibility of the OS again Linux scores high over Windows because one can easily make all types of modifications related to the kernel. This is simply not possible with Windows. But when it comes to stability of the operating system Windows performs better than Linux open source hosting. It is also easy to integrate application in Windows when compared to Linux.

When it comes to comparison of security features between Linux server versus Windows server Windows again dominates over the open source server Linux. One can easily set various kinds of mechanisms for access control within Windows and this does not require any additional software. Windows also allows a double mode of authentication to the processes. Patching again is much easier with Windows.

When it comes to contacting for system help at times of trouble Windows clearly has an upper hand because it offers a one point contact for all issues related. On the other hand with an open source server like Linux OS there are different modes of contact depending on the issues faced and this makes the customer service totally complicated. This is one more point favoring Windows when you do a Linux server versus Windows server comparison study.

When it comes to file accessing between Linux server versus Windows server OS, Linux offers telnet, SSH* access and FTP access while Windows offers only FTP* access for your data files.

*Operating system:
Refers to that part of the computer program which is responsible for the functioning of the computer resources.

*Licensing charges:
Charges for using the software program.

File transfer protocol.

Secure shell protocol.

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