Types Of Dedicated Hosting Servers

A dedicated hosting service is a widely used web hosting service that offers a dedicated server to the user. This server is not shared by any other users. There are many things to consider while searching for a hosting server like, how the server will be managed by the user or host, after the server is being leased to the user and how can this be done. Based on these lines dedicated hosting servers are classified in two main types, managed dedicated server and unmanaged dedicated server.

A managed dedicated hosting server is the type of dedicated hosting servers that is managed by the hosting service provider and not by the user. This means any issues related to the server would be addressed to the service provider. The entire administration of the server and all the related technical issues would be looked into and sorted by the web hosting service provider. This provides huge relief to the user from facing many uncertain and unwanted difficulties.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting servers are provided to the user completely with all the added responsibility of administration of the server. All the issues partitioning and problems with the server would be sorted by the user. In such cases the user has to be strong enough to provide support and aid to these problems or they may suffer huge loses. Many people buy an unmanaged dedicated server for reselling. They partition the server and sell it further on, but this may give rise to many issues which may be difficult to sort for the intermediate user. Because many complications of the server would need technical and experienced professionals to lead to a quick solution.

Managed Dedicated Hosting or Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Managed dedicated hosting servers are a bit expensive and therefore many opt for an unmanaged host server. Though it is important to understand that the loss of time intellectual and money related to unmanaged servers may be much more than the actual running cost of a managed hosting server. Therefore one needs to choose their dedicated hosting servers wisely because managing the server on your own means one has to have their own operating system and provision for security.

With a managed dedicated server this is not a matter of concern because the host would provide most of the tools. This means cost of using and running an unmanaged service would be borne by the user. All the software needed would be made available by the user.

Dedicated hosting servers are major preferred for small business set ups and the main reason for preference is that it is not shared by any other user hence the threat for data corruption or damage reduces much greatly. Though if the unmanaged dedicated server is chosen then one may have to remain more vigilant with its use. The workload of the user is more when opting for an unmanaged server because many things have to be sponsored and done by them self.

Managed dedicated hosting servers are strongly recommended to those who are not professionals with server management as they may fall incompetent in resolving the issues related to the server or hosting service. One has to weigh all the pros and cons of each service and then make their choice.

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