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When you put up your website be it for business purposes or personal you main aim is gain global online presence at all times. However if you select a web host with poor services you may notice that the server goes down once in a while affecting the performance of your website. If this problem has been plaguing you it is probably time you look for web hosting services providing good up-time guarantee*. These guarantees ensure that the web hosting service will keep your website up and running at all times.

For an individual who is new to the world of web hosting ignoring guarantees for up-time* is possible. It is only when the website starts giving issues that one realizes the importance of upkeep. However if you thinking that this choice is as easy as picking the service offering maximum guarantee you could not be more wrong. Most web hosting services boast of 100% up-time guarantee in flashy advertisements. Some other websites offer 99.9% in an attempt to sound more believable and modest. However the fact of the matter is that most of these services are one and the same.

Again this guarantee only covers server up-time. By this they do not take any guarantees of problems with the network. In fact up-time guarantee of 99% or 100% is not possible taking network and maintenance issues into consideration. In essence this is almost like a hidden term or condition which first-timers cannot spot. However in the world of web hosting this fact is no secret. On the brighter side a lot of companies agree to pay the customer in the case of the agreement exceeding the downtime*. The picture however looks bleaker when you take the whole year's downtime into consideration.

Companies offering Up-time Guarantee

An 99% up-time guarantee will usually add up to roughly 27 hours of downtime in a year. Similarly a 99.9% guarantee means eight hours of downtime every year. When the percentage is converted to hours, the figures do not look that encouraging. Then again the downtime usually exceeds the guarantee leaving many customers to suffer. They have no option but to put up with the contract.

With all these factors coming into play differentiating reliable service providers from the erratic ones becomes that much tougher. However the best possible way to go about this is reputation. Any website that has a good reputation with up-time guarantee is the smartest choice. Though even these services providers cannot provide 100% up-time their performance is much better than the others. Again it helps to select a company that has a good support system. Companies that are competent in terms of customer support are usually better choices. When it does occur having a supportive service provider helps.

The last and final factor to look out for is the duration of the guarantee. Companies offering up-time guarantee on a monthly basis are usually better because it is easier to keep tab on the downtime. No service can actually offer complete up-time. However when disaster does strike it are the better companies that assist you to get out of the situation.

*Up-time guarantee:
A guarantee offered by web hosting companies ensuring that your website will be online and visible for certain duration.

Up-time refers to the duration of time a website is functional on the Internet.

This refers to a period of time during which your website is not functional.

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