What Are Clustered Hosting Services?

What are clustered hosting services? Clustered server or web hosting is a kind of hosting service wherein the total load of hosting thanks to the multiple websites connected to the server gets distributed across multiple machines called "nodes". This way it makes sure that there is enough availability for all the websites hosted through it. Since there are several nodes functioning efficiently the chances of one website affecting the functioning of the other due to different forms of services is very slim or even nil.

Clustered hosting services are an ideal solution when it comes to hosting large websites. This can distribute the services like email, FTP, web based, database and micro manage the information. This eliminates one point failure that can bring down the whole website and system server. While using a solitary server you may face the issue of frequent rebooting especially during upgrades etc, this process can be staggered in order to make sure that the clustered hosting services are up and running whilst the upgrades happen across the required system servers in the cluster.

Clustered hosting services are much similar in function when compared with a cloud hosting server. This web hosting enables one to use the resources of a number of machines in the cluster when in demand for a website and hence one can say this web hosting service is advantageous in terms of scalability*. Like in a cloud hosting system one can add or even remove machines or servers from the cluster basis needs and demand.

Advantages of Clustered Hosting Services

While the advantages of clustered hosting services are unquestionable it is recommended only for large websites. This is because when a small business website gets distributed within numerous nodes the performance of the website can actually take a down-slide because it needs to call on various servers for loading different parts of the website. Though costing can be an issue when using clustered hosting services but this is compensated by the better performance, higher speed and decrease in website downtime*.

In modern times clustered hosting services have been in the limelight and bigger businesses are slowly realizing the importance of this service. Many of the search engines functioning today run on clustered web hosting servers. One may not feel the need of upgrading when you start off but as time goes by and when the website starts doing well upgrading the services becomes inevitable. This is made very easy when functioning on a clustered hosting server. In a clustered server there is no restriction to bandwidth*, RAM*, disk space*, processing speed etc.

Ability of a server to handle various processes when the work load is heavy.

*System downtime:
Time that the server does not function.

The memory of the computer where all data and instructions are stored.

*Disk Space:
Refers to the amount of space allotted for one to store data, files, folders and other information.

Refers to the speed at which data can be transferred.

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