What Are The Basics Of Domain Privacy?

Registering your domain name is important for the point of securing domain privacy. A domain name attaches the identity of the website owner to the website. The WHOIS is a protocol based service that requires the identity of a website holder to store in their accounts. It helps in providing information of the website holder at times of any legal interest. The information also helps a customer interested in buying a website from its original owner. However if the domain owner wants to seek anonymity that is also granted by the domain name registering service providers who will provide alternate information of the domain owner rather than any kind of private information.

However the guise in personal information is not necessarily permanent. The guise is transparent when it comes in terms of any law enforcement request. A court's mandatory order to unveil the original identity of a domain owner and all his domain privacy information has in every way to be obeyed by the domain name registering companies or WHOIS*.

Thus domain privacy is as much opaque as much it is transparent when it comes to law and order of a state or region. Even a cease and deceit letter is good enough for the purpose. But certain domain extensions assure for better domain privacy to the domain owners. For example a domain name with .us extension cannot have any private information linked to it. Because according the rules of NTIA* it should necessarily be made universal or public. The .ca domain however can hold more private information.

Importance of Domain Privacy

Thus one should know the basics of domain privacy before registering for a domain address. Registering domain privacy is essential because this will give little chances to spammers and high level net savvy stalkers and cyber thief's to corrupt your website stealing your information or even to the extent of stealing your website, account, identity and money. You may get involved into some forgery of illegal activity with little knowledge of yourself once your domain identity is stolen.

A domain registration usually contains certain personal information of the owner connected to his identity like his name, address, email id, phone number etc. But once a domain is registered privately, the registration provider stands as a guard between the identity stalker and the domain owner. A person wanting to seek the identity of the domain owner has first go through the registration provider before reaching its original owner. Thus the stalker will get to see the identity of the domain host instead of the true owner or website operator. Paying a few dollars like $10 aren't the cost when it comes to the security of your website and domain privacy of yourself.

Thus while you make a honest and worthy decision to choose your website host and domain registrar, do all kinds of market research to find a reputable and reliable service provider who keeps all their promises in securing domain privacy. ICANN* requires every other detail for registering a domain with an individual. But an owner can easily bypass such information by availing a worthy web host.

The protocol that stores all the basic information of the identity of domain owners.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a forum that coordinates in providing a unique identity to a website owner that helps him in being recognized.

National Telecommunication and Information Administration, an organization that provides advice and makes policies to expand the use of Internet spectrum worldwide.

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