What Is FFmpeg Hosting?

There is a true saying that "a picture is thousand words". Today this is understood by many webmasters and web owners as they are realizing that a picture speaks louder than words. Today various website owners want to know that when they allow video sharing on the site then does FFmpeg hosting becomes necessary. The FFmpeg software comes pre-installed with the module. It is useful for converting and uploading videos in any formats. It also helps in streamlining videos for user resources and many sites. Among the web hosting providers who are not using this technology feel that uploading and sharing videos is impossible and find it difficult to post on simple web hosting platforms too.

FFmpeg hosting provides consumers with a log in option for any site that can upload the video which is transferred to a FFmpeg hosting server. This makes the file to download easily and convert by the users so that viewing is possible and clear. The video sharing sites like YouTube and Google video use the FFmpeg.

This feature is also required by social networking sites because they have various users who upload the videos quickly with this hosting application. FFmpeg PHP, Mplayer, MySQL, FFmpeg, PHP 5.2.9 and the Mencoder are vital features of FFmpeg hosting which accompany it. You may also find GD library, Libvorbis, Libogg, and flytool features included.

If any social networking or other site too wants to upload the videos fast having high quality then most of them including YouTube, Google videos, Orkut and Facebook use FFmpeg hosting. The scripts supported by FFmpeg Hosting are mostly compatible and make videos sharing convenient because of the MediaShare, AttachMax, Clipshare, Rayzz AdQuick, ClipBucket, PHPMotion and the AlstraSoft Video share have made uploading videos simple.

Companies offering FFmpeg Hosting

Video sharing is one of the recent phenomenons of web hosting. There are many web hosting service providers which are not ready for the use of FFmpeg hosting. But this is the only option if the web hosting or any other site who want to offer video files conversion, sharing and streaming. Today the FFmpeg hosting server is dedicated but with the latest technological developments it's not required anymore.

You will not need any dedicated or even semi dedicated server for your sites if you host or put the website on the shared web hosting platforms and operate. A dedicated server requirement is mainly felt when the traffic towards the site increases and people begin to visit more.

FFmpeg hosting is offered by the following companies like Cirtexhosting, PacificHost, IXWebHosting, HostUpon and the APTHost. There are also others offering high capacity for quick storage of 10 minute videos. In most of the cases the videos are being just converted to one format preferably .flv format.

Some of the common features of FFmpeg include video and audio multimedia, taking frames from the video files, decoding frames and capturing the live video for broadcast. FFmpeg hosting plans are available for low as $3 per month to $15 per month, depending on the features of the plan including other web hosting features too.

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