What Is Multiple Domain Hosting?

We all know that to access any website we require a domain name*. There are many websites that can be accessed through a single hosting service. Such hosting service comes with multiple domain names and is termed as multiple domain hosting service. This allows the user to host various websites through a single hosting service. Each website would be given a different and unique domain name under one umbrella of hosting service. One might get confused with multiple sub domains. Multiple sub domains are completely different from a multiple domain hosting service. Sub domain with various aids and tools allow migration or access to another website through a single website which is not the case with a multiple domain hosting service.

A multiple domain hosting service may provide you unlimited disk space*, greater bandwidth* etc. These all may vary as per the user's need. One must understand that the multiple domain service is a hosting service that would provide several domain names under a single hosting plan. This is possible because the hosting plan is divided into a number of smaller sections and each of this section can be accessed by a unique and different domain name.

Multiple domain hosting is also available and known by various names like shared hosting or reseller hosting. It simply means that the partitioned hosting service which is under a single hosting plan that can be shared with other users or sold to other users. To clarify further shared hosting is a single hosting server plan that would be partitioned and used by various users enabling to have multiple domain names. A reseller hosting service is also the same because it has one hosting plan which is divided into sections and those can be sold to others.

Choose the right Multiple Domain Hosting plan

A user should be clear that this multiple domain hosting must provide unlimited disk space for memory storage or it becomes slightly difficult when there is a huge traffic flow to multiple domain hosts. It may be that a number of users would have a number of requirements that would differ from each other completely with respect to disk space, data transfer rate etc. Therefore management of multiple domain hosting service may not be easy. There may be greater cases of Spam, corruption of data etc. This therefore emphasizes the fact that such services must be bought from a reliable host only. Or they may not be fully fit for the service you expect.

There are a number of hosting services on the market and one may get entirely confused while choosing the right hosting plan. One should therefore make a careful and complete research regarding the various hosting services and then make their choice. The cost of multiple domain hosting may vary greatly as per the features required. Though one that is bought from a reseller or shared one is comparatively cheaper. If your requirement is not a highly professional one or if you do not need huge storage space then it is advisable for you to opt for such service. One should be really cautious with the quality of technical support service your host provides because this is really important when you buy a shared service because any problem you might have with your website, you would need their help to resolve it.

*Disk space:
The space in the server required for your website.

*Domain Name:
A label of identification of your website.

Rate at which the amount of information gets transferred over the high speed Internet connection.

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