What Is New In Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools allow webmasters* to check the status of their website and also optimize visibility of the same. The service being offered by Google is completely free of cost and open to all webmasters. It allows webmasters to keep an eye on various factors that lead to traffic on their website. This may include a list of keywords that worked out really well for the administrator's website. The tool gives the webmaster information about how Google indexes their website. It also provides webmasters with a list of pages, internal as well as external, that link to the website.

The latest feature added by Google Webmaster Tools is the provision of detailed information about back links*. This is one of the best and most awaited improvements from Google that gives complete information about all the back links associated to your website. In order to gain this information, you need to follow a few simple steps.

How to gain information about Google Webmaster Tools

Log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and go to 'Home'

Click the particular website for which you require data regarding back links

Once you do this, you will be required to expand the part reading 'Your site on the web' which falls under the 'Dashboard' category. Once you do this, you need to click the 'Links to your site' button. You will get a complete list of back links that connect to your website.

This page will give you heaps of information that can be sought by selecting the link 'More'. Once you do this, you can check the websites that link back to your website and also get a fair idea of they are relevant. This will also give you access to information regarding pages on your website that has received the maximum number of backlinks. This is a reflection of the content that is most popular.

Moving further, Google Webmaster Tools has also included a facility where you can get information regarding the relevance of your anchor text*. You can click the button reading 'How your data is linked' to get a fair idea of the anchor text in your content was related or not. There are many other questions that can be answered using these links.

If you observe the domains that link to your website under the section 'Who links the most', you will get a clear idea of whether you are getting organic links or not.

Click the 'More' button, click the domain* that is linked to your website, click the section of the site that has been linked and you will get a complete list of URLs* that are directly linked to pages on your website.

Similarly in the 'More' section under 'Who links the most', you can check for the connection between the keywords found in Google and the anchor text from your website. This is a clear pointer towards the quality of the links.

All these inclusions in Google Webmaster Tools have surely made the life of a webmaster much easier. It is now much easier to find what works and what does not.

These are individuals who are administrators of the website and are solely responsible for maintaining it.

*Back links:
These are incoming links that link your website to another website.

*Anchor text:
The clickable text that links the text to another website or web page.

A domain name is a mode of identification that defines the owners control over a certain part of the Internet.

Short for Uniform Resource Locator. It is a sequence that carries a direct reference to an Internet or online resource.

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