What Is The Difference Between PHP And ASP?

When it is required to generate websites with huge databases by interlinking databases a web host or a web designer needs the aid of ASP.Net programs and PHP programs. They are the best of web programming languages that helps constructing a website with the best features. There are other web programming languages but PHP* and ASP*.Net is gaining popularity because it gives support to dynamic databases that are used in websites.

One major difference between PHP and ASP is while the ASP.Net programming language is suitable for only Microsoft products and applications PHP is more advanced and can run on any platform. It can also be connected with databases of different kinds. Microsoft launched ASP.net only in 2002 to give assistance to its web hosting tools. PHP on the other hand was launched much earlier in 1995 by a sole programmer Rasmus Lerdorf and is compatible in any platform. It can even be downloaded for free but the down-loader should be authorized with the PHP license.

MySQL* is the primary requisite of a PHP programmer. This database management has taken up PHP for database connectivity. Taking up MySQL gives the databases its flexibility and since MySQL can be accessed free from PHP license it will not incur additional expenditure. But if ASP.Net uses MySQL it cannot be accessed free from a Microsoft platform. Linux operating system is used by PHP over Windows for Microsoft lead ASP.Net program. To develop a website using PHP and Linux comes down to relatively low prices when compared to ASP.net which needs IIS* as its server. This windows server has a cost to be obtained. This raises the price of designing a website using ASP.Net.

Differences between PHP and ASP

Another difference between PHP and ASP is that ASP.Net renders relatively lower bandwidth* than PHP. Since this program itself engages some server space while running compared to utilizing inbuilt memory in PHP. The codes used by the programming language of PHP are much simpler than that of ASP.Net. It becomes easier for the website developer to develop the website if simple codes are used. Where PHP codes can be linked to Windows, UNIX or Linux any operating system, a separate ASP-Apache* is used to run Linux other than Windows on Asp.Net program using website.

PHP is more of an open source programming language where codes are easily available on blogs and websites. But ASP.Net can only use tools that are restricted by Microsoft and Windows platform. Free tools that comes along with PHP programming is not left free for ASP.net. The PHP language is closely similar to C++ programming language. Even its syntax is nearly similar to the syntax of C++ and C. ASP.Net however uses a different set of syntax and codes.

Any programmer having knowledge about C++ and C can deal with PHP easily but not in the case of ASP.Net.
Considering all the above differences between PHP and ASP we reached to the conclusion that PHP is simpler and cost effective than ASP.Net. But when it comes to security, ASP.Net gets a clean chit and thus security is the only reason by government organizations that do not have budget constrains in using ASP.Net over PHP.

*Hyper Text Preprocessor PHP:
Web programming language.

*Active Server Pages ASP:
Web programming language.

*Internet Information Server IIS:
  A group of Internet servers that include FTP and HTP that also has capabilities of Win 2000 and Win NT OS.

The Active server pages that helps in developing dynamic applications.

A database management system that gives access to multiple databases and runs as a server.

The rate at which data is transferred to the visitor of your website.

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