What Is The Difference Between SSL, TLS And SSH

One of the key aspects of web hosting is its security. Hacking has grown up to be a flourishing profession and is creating havoc among even technological biggies. To save your website from the hand of hackers it is necessary to form a clear concept about its different security types and levels. The first level of a website security is a secure FTP also called SFTP.

It helps in encrypting data while being uploaded in the server so that in no way the data is compromised by unauthorized users and hackers. It adds security not only to the web host but also to the website holder or web master. The next level of security is guaranteed by SSL* TLS* and SSH* type of software or firewalls. But venturing into the difference between SSL, TLS SSH is important.

When web hosting security is dealt with the protocol that transfers files between the server and the user's computer is relevant. eCommerce websites should lay special emphasis to the file transfer protocol. When a web master selects a FTP client or a web host he should check the protocol used by the servers that operates his website. Understanding the difference between SSL, TLS and SSH will give a clear view of the security protocol* apt for a website.

When data is transferred through Internet between server and website strict privacy is maintained by SSL. The websites that deal with eCommerce, online shopping and online banking anything related to finance and commerce should use SSL to secure sensitive browsing by clients.

Differences between SSL, TLS, SSH

State of the art encrypting of data is done by SSL to safeguard it from being stolen. Before the encrypted messages are delivered to the client it is checked by SSL for integrity. Expedited communication can be facilitated when CPU is optimized by SSL. TLS record protocol and TLS handshake protocol these two components comprises the TLS security protocol. It performs functions of checking encryption and symmetric cryptography.

The encrypted channel that is utilized by this encrypted data to travel from server to client is provided by SSH. As its name suggests it shells or adds a protective covering of the encrypted data when it is on its way from the server's machine to the users. It does so by sending commands to the server from a remote location.

The difference between SSL, TLS, SSH is that while SSL is the primary requisite of web security, TLS and SSH are added safety features off the previous. They are an added layer of security in collaboration with SSL and TLS. All the three of them render stronger security and safer communication in the web hosting process. Another major difference between SSL with TLS and SSH is the TLS server doesn't need to be always authentic.

This although makes it vulnerable for hackers but it uses PKI system* that makes its use cumbersome. SSH on the other hand have some added features like providing multiple data channels to its multiple applications. It's another application is supporting execution of remote programming*, TCP connections,* etc. With its added applications it is often used by web hosting companies as the sole security protocol setting aside TLS and SSL.

*Secure Sockets Layer SSL:
A security protocol.

*Transport Layer Security TLS:
A security protocol.

*Secure Shell SSH:
Secure Shell. It is a security protocol.

*Public Key Infrastructure PKI system:
The arrangement system that links public keys with a particular user identity.

*Security protocol:
A system of digital messages in an format that controls the chances of the security breaches in a website.

*TCP connections:
That establishes the connection that will be used to send data through a three way handshake.

*Remote programming:
To programmers communicating from different, remote locations.

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