Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

Beside your Facebook and Twitter account you want to have a professional website as well? Undoubtedly you have heard of the web hosting option and may have actually considered signing up with a web hosting company. Are there any strong advantages to doing so? First understand the basic difference between web hosting and simply uploading a website.

Every company or individual trying to make money, should have their own website. A website is a general term that refers to a collection of web files, including HTML pages, graphics, sounds and other programming. These files are uploaded to a computer connected to the Internet and can be accessed by typing in a URL address. You may be offered free web space to upload your website but this type of service usually doesn't offer the options that a web hosting service does.

A web hosting company provides web space, installation help, maintenance, repair and 24-hours of Internet connection over one or more shared computers. Web hosting can also give a web master access to helpful web tools, email addresses and applications that relate to security and performance. In general web hosting refers to the ability to move information to the Internet. However in their common usage it is identified with a company that offers special advantages far beyond just empty web space.

Advantages of Web Hosting

What are the advantages of web hosting? For one thing most companies offer technical support along with their business packages. If you are new to web design or website maintenance this will be of crucial importance. Web hosting can help to professionalize your company beyond that of amateur web design. Web hosting services may provide eCommerce solutions, superior web design programming and a domain name option.

Web hosting services are usually part of a package such as a "create your own website" plan, along with a shopping card feature and some software or hardware that will assist in high-performance. High performance involves nearly perfect up-time (meaning your website is accessible 99.9% of the year) and this means that when users log into your site, it is always working fast and loading correctly. Lastly, web hosting services may also include a traffic increase option. This means the web host will improve your HTML tags submit your website to major search engines as well as major article directories.

How much is a web hosting provider worth every month? Some providers may charge a few dollars a month, while others demand hundreds. You can see why it's important to pick and choose which features are most important to you. Cheaper or free plans may be severely limited in terms of web space, bandwidth or what type of features you can put on your website. The pricier options give you far more freedom. You decide what security and maintenance measures to put in place. You also enjoy an advertisement-free page with professional looking content. Loading speeds are faster and errors fewer. Web hosting gives you much more freedom so that you can create a successful strategy and a website that earns massive traffic.

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