4 Reasons Why a Webmaster Should Use Social Bookmarking

4 reasons social media There are 4 main reasons why a webmaster should use social book marking. Social networking is a term we often come across. However, are you aware of what is meant by 'social bookmarking'?

In order to understand the concept of social bookmarking, let us first get to know more about the process of bookmarking. In simple words, bookmarking is a process wherein useful links of sites are saved onto your machine. These links are saved in a public directory.

You would see these links popping up on the screen every time you enter appropriate and relevant phrases or words. However, one of the drawbacks of bookmarking is that the links would be saved only onto your machine and hence they would not pop up if you are using some other machine. This is where 'social bookmarking' plays a vital role. Social bookmarking is a process wherein the links are saved on a public forum and hence could be accessible using any machine. One of the main purposes of social bookmarking is easy retrieval of websites that you have already used in the past using any machine. Here are 4 reasons why a webmaster should use social bookmarking.

Reasons why a webmaster should use Social Bookmarking

Useful as a Backup:
Every computer and laptop is prone to crashing. This usually happens due to virus attack or several other technical reasons. However, the consequences could be deadly as you might lose onto all the data and information which you had saved onto your machine including bookmarks. However, social bookmarking would ensure that all your favorite links could be accessible from any other machine. This is even more important if you are into a business or profession which deals closely with the Internet.

Used to increase traffic:
This is probably the most important benefit associated with the concept of social bookmarking. One of the objectives of every webmaster is too ensure that more traffic flows in on the website. One of the ways of achieving this objective is social bookmarking of that particular link. By social bookmarking, you would make the link visible to people around the world and this would be the ideal platform for you to promote the website and attract more traffic.

Zero Investment Site Promotion:
With the help of social bookmarking, you can practically promote your website link without investing even a single penny. Hence, social bookmarking is highly recommended, especially to small online business owners who do not much scope for investment.

Improve the ranking of your website:
The website business largely depends on the ranking of the website. Once your website reaches the top list in leading search engines, you would be able to make a lot of profit. Social bookmarking is one of the most creative ways of improving the ranking of your link. By using the tool of social bookmarking, you could provide back links to your link. These back links once trusted by search engines would than start to get your link in the top list.

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