GreenGeeks Discount From $6.95 To $4.95

GreenGeeks is a leading web hosting service provider that has slashed its prices from $6.95 to $4.95. The GreenGeeks discount helps you get access to the same quality of web hosting at a much cheaper rate. Considering present trends in web hosting and prices offered by other web hosting companies this is quite an ambitious move by the company. Again since GreenGeeks data center is Eco-friendly the discount comes as an even bigger surprise. However the discount on web hosting can only be acquired if you go for the 3 year plan. With this discount, you will land up saving $72 in the period of three years.

Apart from the GreenGeeks discount you will also get access to a shared hosting package that claims to offer unlimited space and bandwidth*. Though this is not logically possible the bandwidth and space offered by the GreenGeeks company is truly high when taking the price into consideration. Again this service will allow you to host more than one website on your account. Market credits and a useful website builder tool are also offered free to make your work easier. They offer 24/7 online support which takes care of any up-time issues you may face. The GreenGeeks support team also comes to the rescue if you are facing other issues with your website or the server.

When you go for the GreenGeeks discount you will be associating yourself to a company that provides web hosting powered by 300% green energy. With over 11 years of experience in web hosting the company has managed to maintain its standards and credibility in the market. Though these green solutions cost the company quite a bit, GreenGeeks is dedicated to providing top quality web hosting service while keeping the planet in mind. In fact their customer support is that effective that they will not allow your website to go down for more than 10 minutes in the case of a glitch.

Why go for GreenGeeks discount

Maintaining a next-to-perfect track record in terms of reliability, support, price, features and user-friendliness is not that easy when a company goes for green solutions. Again the GreenGeeks discount slashes the prices even further making the green techniques even more intriguing. GreenGeeks does not differ from other companies in methods of server management and maintenance. The GreenGeeks company pulls energy straight from the grid since the servers have to be perennially up to deliver next to 100% up-time. However in order to compensate for this consumption of power the company buys wind energy credits for every unit of power consumed. For instance if the company consumes 2X power from the main grid it will put back 6X energy to the same giving it wind energy amounting to 300%.

The advantages of going for the GreenGeeks discount make the company the obvious choice when looking for web hosting services. However there are also a few cons that have to be kept in mind before making the decision. For example GreenGeeks does not give users the freedom to upgrade dedicated hosting plans presently. So if you are planning to go for this company it is always better to keep these limitations in mind before taking a call.

A measure of consumed or available data in relation to elapsed time. It relates to the rate of data transfer.

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