How eCommerce Gets Affected With Shared Web Hosting

The increase in web hosting technology has drastically affected the online business operations worldwide. There is an exponential growth in the number of websites, online businesses and eCommerce due to the technological advancement provided by web hosting companies. The online store owners can reach people from across the world and interact with them conveniently. This helps them establish a vendor and customer relationship. Electronic commerce has completely changed the way business operates. The consumers now enjoy a wide variety of selection at greater convenience. The conventional brick and mortar store is passe now. All you need is a website and a web hosting service plan like shared web hosting to sell your products.

Shared web hosting on Internet is the most popular form of web hosting. In this environment the website that have a common server share one single IP address*. This means that each of the websites will not have a unique IP. There are advantages to this type of web hosting because the technical aspect of web hosting is simplified and the monthly hosting subscription charges are reduced. However there are many limitations also that are associated with this web hosting.

The shared web hosting has strengthened the network of world trade. It allows any company to rent a space on the server by paying for the service and maintain it professionally. It has thus increased the communication abilities that boost the eCommerce and pushes it to new heights. The companies take advantages of these business relations and take their company to the next level with the help of the Internet. The shared hosting services have a profound impact on eCommerce as the trades across the globe continue to expand.

Pros and cons of Shared Web Hosting on eCommerce

Shared hosting services also greatly affect the speed at which the transactions at eCommerce take place. The actual shipping of the products may take 5 to 6 business days but the transaction comes into effect immediately. The turn-around time is reduced drastically which results in faster business operations.

Whereas due to a common IP address for all websites on the same server shared hosting may prove to a disadvantage for an online store and may affect eCommerce. If any other website with the same IP address is involved in unethical practice such as spamming then the IP address gets banned or blacklisted. Thus all the other websites with the same IP address looses business and eCommerce is negatively impacted. The other issue with a shared web hosting is that the search engine results are not as good as a dedicated IP. This adversely affects the traffic of the site and brings the eCommerce down.

It is important to acquire an SSL certificate because it ensures the safety of the eCommerce website. However you may encounter a limitation of a shared web hosting here. In case of a shared hosting only one SSL certificate can be used for an account. To ensure security of your online store you will need different hosting plan for every site. This overall increases the cost on the security.

With all the pros and cons of the shared web hosting on eCommerce it is still the best option as a web hosting plan. It boosts the eCommerce and turns the world into a global market.

*IP address:
The Internet protocol address is the unique number of a device used as a reference number to communicate on a computer network.

*Secure Socket Layer certificate SSL certificate:
To ensure safe transactions between browser and server by establishing their authenticity.

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