Is Shared Hosting Safe?

When different web sites share the same server to be more cost effective it is called shared hosting. It is also known as virtual hosting. Virtual hosting is safe for personal use and small business where the number of users are limited. In today's world every individual wants to be visible in the online market. However the costs sometimes become a barrier. But if you opt for using virtual hosting where your website will have its presence with others under the same server you save money and have publicity. In this competitive market there are many hosts who give exciting offers. Reliability is what is more important.

A system administrator is a must for shared hosting. A system administrator controls the computer system and checks on the hosting service and control panel. There are many server resources that are shared with the same host users like bandwidth*, storage space and data transfer. The system administrator also known as the technical support staff is a part of the IT team. The shared hosting provider is responsible for many important things like installing the software, security updates and technical support. In virtual hosting not everything is shared and there is always a limitation to it. There are various servers available online that educates you regarding virtual hosting.

To answer the question whether shared hosting is safe or not you must be aware of the different hosts. There are two other types of hosts a well: VPS* hosting and the dedicated server. VPS is not too costly and thus is used by a lot of the clients. A dedicated server is used by individual who has complete control on it. For big companies a dedicated server helps to serve better because it is a single client user. A dedicated server allows you to install programs of your choice because you control the entire server. Dedicated servers are costlier than VPS however it is best suitable for big firms and organizations.

Advantages and disadvantages of Shared Hosting

There are many advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting. One of the most effective advantages is that it is not costly. There is dedicated technical support for customers and since it is managed by third party you can use it tension free. With shared web hosting you get some excellent features like PHP* assistance, multiple email access and many such interesting features. You can use more web sites under the same account. With the advantages there are certain disadvantages that pertain to shared hosting. One of the major disadvantages are the security factors. Since the server is shared with many clients there are high chances of leakage. Another defect is that you cannot install programs at your wish because it is blocked by the system administrator. There are many web sites that are restricted and you cannot use them at your will.

In spite of so many disadvantages shared hosting is the most popular server used by millions of people. It is the preference of the individual user small business, small firms who have limited client. It is user friendly and is economic. Shared hosting gives you a number of facilities and is controlled by system administrator who takes care of the entire program that is being run.

Speed to transfer data and information for site surfer.

Virtual private server is used as shared server rather the other name of shared server.

Programming language used in virtual server.

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