SiteCloud Leaves Amazon's EC2

SiteCloud leaves Amazon's EC2, the cloud server platform is basically a website hosting provider that is quite new in the industry. Many experienced hosting professionals founded this company in the year 2010. During its launch the services of SiteCloud were powered by the cloud computing platform of which is known as EC2. The company entered the market of cloud hosting with different plans. There are twelve packages that are offered by SiteCloud. However the services provided by them had some problems with the servers based on the Amazon platform. They received several negative reviews from the clients. Due to this reason SiteCloud has left the Elastic Cloud environment of Amazon. The hosting provider has now built their own server network and is hoping to get more happy and satisfied clients with positive feed-backs.

At present SiteCloud's hosting services are powered by Single Hop. When SiteCloud leaves Amazon's EC2, there have been certain changes in the services of the company. The price and features of the hosting plans have changed. Previously SiteCloud offered a variety of hosting plans that included shared hosting, dedicated hosting reseller hosting and virtual server packages. With the change of the infrastructure and technology the dedicated shared and VPS hosting services have been consolidated into single packages. The price range of these hosting plans starts from the rate of $4.95 per month. However there has been no change in the price structure of the reseller plan. It starts from $19 per month.

Hosting services of SiteCloud

SiteCloud was forced to leave Amazon's EC2 due to the low quality performance. When SiteCloud leaves Amazon's EC2 they have developed a cloud environment of their own. This has been built for the load balanced platform which supports cPanel. For this specific infrastructure they are using the platform of Single Hop. However the cloud server of Single Hop is not used by them. SiteCloud offers excellent cloud hosting services. They provide the clients with unlimited web space* as well as bandwidth*.

Apart from these unlimited emails are also offered. The webmasters are also provided with free website builders. This helps them to create and modify their own websites. All the hosting accounts of SiteCloud are automatically scaled. The users would not be suspended for using additional resources. The hosting plans of SiteCloud are based on compute cycle. The clients are charged on the basis of the server resources that they consume. WHM or cPanel based hosting makes it easier for the users to manage their websites. The company also has a policy of protective backup. Every website hosted by them is given nightly backup.

They also offer customer support services for 24/7. So whenever you face any technical issue with the hosting service you can get in touch with them. Their representatives will always provide solutions to your problems. The hosting services of SiteCloud are also wind powered and Eco friendly. SiteCloud leaves Amazon's EC2 in order to provide the clients with better service. Now the customer reviews will tell that whether they have been successful or not.

*Web Space:
The amount of space required for hosting a website.

The rate at which data is transferred to the visitor of your website.

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