The Most Popular Hosting Control Panels

Web hosting control panels are online interfaces provided by the web hosting company to help users manage their services from a single location. It is a single spot access point to control various parameters of their website. These control panels are like integrated remote controls that give you access to every feature of your website. When looking for popular control panels make sure the following services are included:

Services of Control Panels

Server log access:
Web hosting control panels allow users to have a look at their server logs. Server logs are similar to normal logs. These logs are automatically generated and maintained by the server to keep an eye on the activity on the server. The history page in your browser is a great example of these logs. It gives you all the details including domain names visited, time of visit as well as activity performed on it. All the data relevant to the user is collated into distinct logs.

Storage space and bandwidth details:
Hosting control panels give you a clear idea of available as well as used storage space on the server. This storage space refers to the amount of data that can be stored on the server. It also gives users a clear idea of available as well as used bandwidth. The bandwidth is nothing but the rate of data transfer offered by the server.

Configuration of your email account:
Another functionality offered by web hosting control panels is the ability to monitor and change your email account settings and configuration. These settings can include anything from a signature at the end of a mail to storage settings. Other options also include mail management which allows you to organize your mails and store them accordingly.

FTP user accounts maintenance:
Web hosting control panels allow users to keep an eye on File Transfer Protocol (FTP) activity. These parameters give an idea of the amount of data sent and received across the network. Separate data and control connections are maintained for the clients and the server.

Database management:
Database management is one of the most significant functions of web hosting control panels. Database is a collection of data in different structures to help the functioning of a company. The correct tools used for database management can make the process of organization and application of information much easier. Control panels give access to databases and also help users manage the databases according to the company requirements.

Web log analysis for visitor statistics:
Web hosting control panels can also be used to record the numbers and other details of visitors on that particular domain name. This allows company owners to keep an eye on the total number of visitors, unique visitors, authenticated users, countries of visitors, page view numbers etc.

Web based file manager:
Web hosting control panels have functionalities for online file management. Using this function you can perform a number of commands on a file or group of files. These commands include cut, copy, paste, open, edit, rename, print, play, delete and so on. Some of these file managers also have the options to navigate forward and back through files.

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