Can I Use Multiple Domains In One Hostmonster Account?

Web Hosting is a matter of concern for people who own websites for their business. When looking for a web hosting company there generally are a lot of concerns that people come up with. The concerns are regarding the reliability and the competency of the company that is being hired to offer the services. If you have not hired a web hosting company for your website and want to find out a web hosting company that offers the facility of hosting multiple domains in a single account.

In this case Hostmonster is the company you should be relying on. If you have a hosting account with Hostmonster you can use it to host a number of websites that you own.This also means that you just need to have a hosting plan or some other hosting plan that you like and enjoy multiple websites hosted under it. All these facilities are available to you regardless of the type of website you want to host.

To know more about how you can do this you need to get in touch with the Hostmonster company professionals who have a better idea of what plan would suit your website. If you are already a member with Hostmonster all you need to do is to log-in to the website and add a domain by going to the control panel of the website. There you will see a link to add on a separate domain. Using this link, you can add different domains in the account that you are currently handling.

Multiple Domains with Hostmonster

The additions can be done from the add on domain maintenance page of the website's control panel. The domain name to which you are trying to make additions should be registered with the registrar or else you would not be able to add any more websites under it.

When you add the domain name make sure that all the letters are types in the lower case and no letter is there in caps. A subdomain* will be created as you make an add on domain. This is done so that the domain gets added to your account easily. No changes will be seen in the URL even when you do this.

When you are trying to create redirection for the original or new addon domain, you will not need to make the changes manually as it will be done automatically. Redirection will easily be created using the user interface of the website. If you have been a member of Hostmonster before and do not have the access to the unlimited website hosting option you should send in a mail to the concerned point of contact for you so that necessary changes can be made to your plan and so that you too can enjoy the benefits of unlimited domain hosting.

You can ask for account upgrades. These upgrades will be done to your account free of cost and will thus offer you more convenience. Hostmonster does offer you a host of benefits. To experience it get registered with the Hostmonster company today and start delving deep into these benefits.

*Addon domain:
A type of domain that one can create using the control panel. You can have different email addresses for all of them but still have a same control panel.

One of the parts of the large primary domain that your website has. Different companies use sub-domains to differentiate and to give unique identity and names to their different departments and functions.

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