Can I Install WordPress On An Unix Hosting Server?

Unix hosting is one of the most affordable and stable web hosting services across the world. It is also easy to install WordPress if you have a Unix hosting service provider. Once you have decided on your domain name and the web hosting company the next step is to get started with installation of your WordPress account.

Make sure that your web hosting provider along with offering you the Unix operating system also gives you the Fantastico installer. Fantastico is a language scripting program that with just answering a few questions helps you get started with WordPress. So with Unix hosting and with the following simple steps you can easily install WordPress

Steps to install WordPress with Unix Hosting

1. The first step to installing WordPress using Unix hosting is to open WordPress in an Internet browser. After this click on the button with the sign saying download WordPress. This will enable you to download the latest WordPress version in your computer. Once this is saved in your system extract from the zip archive all the files in to a folder.

2. The second step involves signing in with your domain name and password with the help of FTP client. This password sign is given to you by the web hosting company. Once you are connected look for the folder named public.HTML. Open this folder along with your extracted files of WordPress. Unix hosting makes it extremely simple and you can easily copy the extracted files to this web folder.

3. Next you must login in your domain's control panel and scroll down until you find MySQL databases. When you click on this you will be asked for a name for your database which can be done by going back and clicking on "add new user". Next you are required to further scroll until you find "add user to database". By giving a user-name to it and clicking on "add' and "all privileges" you are done with the setting up your database in your Unix hosting account.

4. Unix hosting service provides you with an FTP client. In the FTP client, right click on the file named "wp-config-sample.php" which you can find in your public.HTML folder. Here, you are required to change 3 vital things like name of MySQL database, user-name of MySQL database and the password of MySQL database. All you need to do is replace the content in these with your details and save it as "wp-config.php".

5. Next step is to open "" in your Internet browser. If in case you get an error message, then it means that anyone name in your wp-config.php is not correct. If everything is correct you will see a prompt asking for a blog name and your email id. Select a blog name that contains a keyword part enter your email id and then click on "install WordPress. Pen down the user-name and password of admin on the screen and your login details. Then with Unix hosting as your server you can login with these details.

6. You now stand in the office of your website where you can add content, setup new pages and modify the appearance along with the compatibility of Unix hosting. If you wish to see a preview of the look of your website, you can click on"visit site" on the top left corner of the web page.

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