Comparison Dedicated Server And Virtual Private Server

Various types of web hosting services are compared with one another. Similarly a dedicated Server and virtual private server should also be compared if you are planning to buy any web hosting service. Most of us might know that the decision of which service to buy can be successfully based by identifying the need or purpose of the web hosting service for you. Different web hosting services provide different disk space*, bandwidth* and type of server. By type of server it means that whether it is partitioned with a number of IP*addresses or it has a single dedicated address. One that has a single dedicated IP address is called a dedicated hosting service. A Virtual private sever is less competitive than a dedicated hosting service. Here is a comparison between the two types of servers.

The first point of comparison is the IP address. A dedicated hosting service has a single IP address entirely dedicated to the use which has high requirement of disk space, bandwidth etc. On the other hand the virtual private server can looked upon as a dedicated server that is being partitioned in number of small host and then being sold. Each partitioned section is completely independent of other or might even be unaware of each other existence. This is the major difference between dedicated and virtual private server.

It would not be wrong to say the virtual private server is a smaller version of a dedicated hosting server. It will also provide complete privacy and security. Their use would be also be determined by the RAM that is random access memory that is available with the user. Dedicated hosting service would require high RAM as it has capacity of high data and memory storage. This is another point of comparison between dedicated and virtual private server.

Dedicated server or virtual server?

The intensity of your requirement is a key that would define which one would serve you the best and also be cost effective and is another point of comparison between a dedicated and virtual private server. If you want to have a huge database that would be accessed by a number of users then you need high memory space, bandwidth and disk space. This can only be achieved through a dedicated server because it is an independent server with all these features. A virtual private server is not as huge as the dedicated server in providing large data space and bandwidth.

One would be advised to contact or research with the technical support services of web hosting service providers to clarify the comparison between a dedicated and virtual private server. This is mainly because these services are further divided as unmanaged web server, semi-managed web server and managed web server. Depending on the size of your need you can buy the best web hosting server. The kind of business that you are planning to host using this web hosting server is detrimental in decision. The other factor one might like to consider is the cost of the service because with increase requirements, one need enhanced and better features, and therefore, the cost increases as well. Therefore, budget should also be considered while making choice between a virtual private server or a dedicated server.

*Disk Space:
The space occupied by the web-based files.

The amount of data transfer occurring in a website in a month that enables how many times a web page can be shown.

*IP address:
Internet protocol address.

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