How Does A Mail Server Work?

A mail server works like an electronic post office where mails come in and you can read them. This could be the easiest way to answer the question how does a mail server work? Same software is used to run this server by all users and it helps to exchange mails over the network. Every company has their own Internet service provider or ISP that helps to exchange mails between each other. A unique technique is used in this exchange of mails. It is interesting to learn about it. A mail server commonly known as email server is like a postman who handles and delivers mails in an electronic mode and through Internet. A mail server allows you to send attachments also.

To know how a mail server works we need to know the mail sending and receiving technique. When we send any mail and the recipient of the mail both are using the same network the mail transfer happens easily. However if the recipient is using a different network or another mail server then the mail goes to your server first and it is transferred to the recipient's server.

How works a Mail Server

Microsoft Outlook or Eudora is a mail server that sends mail. Beside this there are many other mail servers like extended simple mail transfer protocol or ESMTP and simple mail transfer protocol or SMTP. There are some specific programs that are used for receiving mails like POP3 or Post Office Protocol3, or IMAP popularly known as Internet message access protocol, mail server forwards, deliver, accept, and store messages. File Transfer Protocol or FTP is the network used for mail sending and receiving.

SMTP acts as a post man that delivers your mail to the recipient. The sending and receiving of mails is similar to the letters that are sent through the post office. When you send mail through Internet the mail is put in the digital envelop where the receivers address is mentioned and at the same time the senders address is also written along with the content. If the sender and receiver is using the same mail server or network mail exchange can easily be done. Or else the mail is send through DNS or domain name server. This is a simple way to explain how does a mail server work? This entire task seems to be critical and complicated. However the process is simple if the software is set up properly.

There are various servers that can be used for sending and receiving mails. Some of these servers are Web servers, FTP servers, telnet server, and email server. A host is required in order to exchange mails. web hosting is the latest technology that is used by many companies for better mail server transmission. CDN or content delivery network is used by many web site users to get the best of mails. A mail server has the capability of sending bulk mails. It can send mails simultaneously and it consists of hardware and software components. SMTP and POP3 are the two main arms required for sending and receiving mails.

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