How Much Disk Space And Bandwidth Do You Need?

If you are looking for a web hosting service for the first time making the right choices does not come naturally. A number of criteria come into play when judging a web hosting service. disk space and bandwidth for example are important when choosing such a service. The right amount of disk space* ensures that there is enough storage space for all your data. The right bandwidth* keeps your website functioning smoothly.

However with so many web hosting services available online it gets tough to take the right call. This also applies to a lot of experienced individuals. Most services will use any marketing strategy to ensure that they portray their services as the best. Some of these companies also resort to deception to sell their product. Numerous companies offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth through aggressive advertising. However when the hidden terms and conditions that actually limit these parameters come into play it is already too late.

In fact no server is capable of offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This is one of the biggest myths of web hosting. Sadly however people fall for the trap and are forced to learn the lesson the hard way. When you get down to choosing a web hosting service for your web-page clarity on content and page size is imperative. Establish in clear terms the size of your website and the bandwidth and disk space required to run it smoothly. The following classifications may help.

Do you need much Disk Space and Bandwidth?

Brochure sites:
As the name suggests these kinds of websites work as online brochures for companies. These sites explain everything about the nature of the business and its activities. The company's products and services are elaborated with pictures, descriptions and contact information. If you are looking to create this kind of a website you do not need much disk space and bandwidth. Basic plans offered by web hosting companies suffice for this purpose.

Theme based sites:
These kinds of websites deal with a particular theme or subject. The best example of these websites are blogs, updates, articles, online tutorials and so on. Usually handled by freelancers or other self-employed individuals, these sites predominantly deal with information about a theme or topic. When you start off with a theme based site your requirements will be limited to the bare minimum. However if and when your site gains popularity and the amount of content begins to build you may require a web hosting service with high disk space and bandwidth. Apart from access to regular updates this will also help you pull in more views.

Mini sites:
A mini site deals with just one product. It carries product photos, descriptions and contact information. All this information barely runs into a page or two. For this reason mini sites need the bare minimum disk space and bandwidth to function. However similar to theme based sites if your product happens to gain popularity you may feel the need to increase the bandwidth and disk space. You can solve a number of your doubts regarding disk space and bandwidth when selecting a web hosting service. The key to this is to understand your requirements and sticking to them.

Bandwidth refers to the rate of data transfer. It basically determines the speed of your connection.

*Disk Space:
The space available on a server of processor for data storage is known as disk space.

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