How To Choose A Cool Domain Name?

The domain name of a site or blog goes a long way in expressing the principles and specialties of your website. While people believe that to choose a cool domain name is a rather arbitrary process professionals actually put a lot of thought into the process. When looking for a domain name you need to keep your requirements in mind. The following few situations will give a clearer idea on how to choose a domain name according to requirement:

Domain Name for your business website

If you are using your website as a marketing tool for your business you need to take a few factors into account. The domain name has to showcase your business and the product or service you offer. Again it is extremely important to include the right keywords to attract the appropriate clientele. For example if you are planning to sell musical instruments the word music must appear in the name. When you are looking to choose a cool domain name this is one of the fundamental steps you need to follow to portray the right idea.

For a personal website

On the other hand if you want to choose a cool domain name for your own personal website the name must reflect something about you or your personality. In fact a lot of individuals prefer to use their whole name so it crops up when viewers run a search. This is only useful if you have already gained popularity amongst your niche community. Apart from using their own name a lot of people also prefer to go for names that reflect that central idea of their website. For example if you own a blog dealing with spirituality you can consider using the word "spirituality" somewhere in the title.

For investment purposes

You can choose a cool domain name for reasons beyond the popularity of your own website. Many people use domain name ownership as a lucrative investment option. They buy cool-sounding domain names and keep them blocked for a specific period of time. Once they feel they are getting a good price for the name they sell it off to buyers. Simple as it may sound not every domain name may fetch the same value you would expect. The name has to be one that attracts a lot of search engine* attention which helps in increasing traffic. The only sad aspect about this form of business is that many lucrative domain names have already been purchased. This means that you will have to purchase them off someone who is willing to put them back on sale.

When you look to choose a cool domain name it is also important to know which words to avoid. If you are like a name and it is already taken it is normal for creativity to take a backseat due to the disappointment. However you can always add an article or preposition to use the name. For example if the name "Music Shop" is taken you can always use the name "The Music Shop". These small details can go a long way in winning you a domain name that catches your fancy.

*Search engine:
It is a software application that allows you to look for material over the Internet.

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