How To Create A Good Google Sitemap?

How to create a good Google sitemap? A good Google sitemap is one that gives you complete information on the different pages within your website and has a list of all the URL's included. This is important because Google may not be able to discover all the information and track them down. A sitemap can be created using various techniques. You can either use a RSS feed or atom feed for the same or create a proper one through the protocol used for sitemap creation or even stick to a basic text file format. Whatever it is it should be informative, clear and easy to understand by the search engine.

One of the standard file formats for creating a good Google sitemap happens to be XML format for sitemap creation. This form is also supportive for many of the search engines. A sitemap also contains details on the metadata that your website has, about the basic content, images, videos and even the source code for the software.

A good Google sitemap also provides information regarding the last updation date, frequency within which the page content and looks are changed etc. When your website provides dynamic information it is better to go in for sitemaps because this makes it easier for the search engines to locate your pages during the crawling process of search.

The importance of a Google Sitemap

A good Google sitemap is extremely important if your website is newly launched. At the time of launch there can be a few or even nil links and this can hamper the search engines from discovering your site. When there is a map for the website Google can easily learn about the complete web structure and can use it during its future crawl process during a search.

You can use the Google tools for webmaster to create as well as submit a good Google sitemap. If you are creating a text file as your Google sitemap then just generate a basic TXT file but save the same with either the HTML or HTM extension. Do not forget to include all the URL's of your website in the file. On the other hand if you go in for a XML file format, then you need follow the syntax for the information and URL's quoted and the format should be the standard Google format for sitemap which is protocol 0.9. In both formats stick to one URL per line. Never save your Google sitemap in ANSI format because this is not supported by the search engine and there can be a support error that can occur upon submission. If it is a XML file then use the extension UTF-8 to save the file.

Again a good Google sitemap always has the first letter of the filename capitalized. Hence it is "Sitemap.HTM" if the file is a text format file. There are certain rules to be followed while creating the URL's in the sitemap file. One should carefully follow these for file support.

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