How To Redirect A Website To Another Site?

Webmasters looking to redirect a website to another site usually do so by placing a code on your website which automatically redirects the user to another page. This usually happens when an individual owning a website gets a new address for it. A code is written and placed on the old website. When visitors visit the old webpage, they are redirected to the new one.

One of the simplest ways to redirect a website to another website is by using JavaScript*, an old link and meta refresh*. The JavaScript does the job of placing the new address instead of the redirecting page. If you are wondering why we are replacing the page instead of redirecting it, the answer is simple. If you redirect a page to your new page, every time you press the back button from here, you will be sent back to the redirecting page. It is for this reason that it is a better idea to replace the page. In a page that has been replaced, if you press back from here, you will be sent to the last visited page. There will be no redirecting page here which makes things convenient.

Simple way's to Redirect a Website

There are chances that many visitors turn their JavaScript turned off. In this case, using JavaScript in order to redirect a website to another website will not suffice. This may just fail to load on the visitor's system. Instead of losing out on a valuable visitor, it is a better option to go for the meta refresh option. Once the meta refresh tag takes effect, the visitor is automatically given access to the new website. This will ensure that the visitor is redirected to the new page even though he or she may have JavaScript turned off.

Another important factor to keep in mind if you are looking to redirect a website to another website is the refresh time. This term refers to the amount of time the old address takes to redirect to the new website. So if you keep a refresh time of 5 seconds, the visitor will see the old landing page for 5 seconds before he or she is directed to the new page. If you do not want the visitor to look at the original landing page, you can keep the refresh time as 0. This can play a major role in maintaining viewer attention.

A lot of webmasters intentionally or unintentionally try to mislead search engines. This act is prohibited and will land up into big trouble. In fact, trying to trick a search engine can also land up your website with a ban. Instead of trying to redirect a website to another site, it is always a better option to go about garnering traffic the ethical way. This process may be longer but it will get you guaranteed results. Follow any of the mentioned methods and you will see how easy it is to redirect a website to another website.

A language that is used for scripting websites.

*Meta refresh:
A method used to command the web browser to refresh a web page automatically.

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