How to Select the Right Dedicated Hosting Provider?

Dedicated hosting is a hosting package through which the server is entirely dedicated to one user. There is a clear difference between a dedicated hosting and a shared hosting. Shared hosting is different due to the fact that there are many users sharing the same servers. It is essential to select the right dedicated hosting provider because you need to optimize the benefits at the minimum possible price.

The first thing that you have to realize is the need of using dedicated hosting. Is it really required for your organization? dedicated hosting providers give you multiple hosting options that can enable your website to handle more traffic and data loading. These come with advanced features and unlimited package options too. However it is to be considered that a dedicated hosting provider charge more than the shared hosting provider does. This is entirely due to the fact that the entire server is at your disposal. If your website requires a reliable online presence and has lot of traffic then surely you will need to approach for dedicated web hosting.

Select the right Dedicated Hosting provider

The other things to consider before deciding the right dedicated hosting provider will be to see if the hosting is managed or is the package unmanaged. The unmanaged packaged means that you get the hardware the software and the operating system. There is nothing else that is provided to you. The other administrative and technical aspects are up to you. You have to incur a separate cost for each of these. If you need more then you have to reach out for managed dedicated hosting.

A managed web hosting means that everything is managed by the hosting company or the provider. The technical support, the administrative work, etc are managed by them and this leaves you free to do other important stuff. Of course this is more expensive than the regular hosting package.

The next thing that you should be looking at is the speed of your dedicated hosting. It is essential to see the RAM* processor speed and the bandwidth* of the dedicated hosting provider. There should also be lot of disk space and opportunity for expansion of the website in the future.

It should be seen whether the package offered by the dedicated hosting provider is secure and flexible. It needs to be customized to meet your exact needs. Again the servers should be capable of running on both Windows and Unix operating systems. Windows operating system is user friendly and Unix is preferred for technical purposes.

Check for yourself if the track record of the dedicated hosting provider is good enough before you take a hosting package from them. The goodwill or the reputation that the hosting company has built up over the years shows the degree of risk that you are willing to take for your website. All these factors are essential for choosing the right dedicated hosting provider.

*Random Access Memory RAM:
Which shows the memory capacity.

The amount of data transferred from one point to another.

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