How To Setup Reseller Private Name Servers

A private name server is often included in your domain name and reseller hosting package. Setting up reseller private name servers is a straightforward task, if you use Web Host Manager (WHM) in cPanel. A private name server offers you significant advantages. It lets you resell the server provider's hosting packages or create your hosting packages and resell them under your brand name. A private name server makes the name of your server provider anonymous and helps you to build credibility. The server provider will remain in the background, managing your software and hardware. Setting up private name servers gives a professional image to your web hosting company.

In order to get private name servers, you need to create the name servers first at the place where you registered your domain. There may be different processes for creating private name servers. The procedures differ from domain registrar to registrar. Ensure whether the process followed by your domain registrar is comfortable for you. You need to remember that you cannot change your website's domain name to private name servers, until it is registered with your domain registrar.

Setting up Private Name Servers

Before setting up private name servers, check whether there are lines like Create DNS (Domain Name Server), Register DNS or Add DNS. If you find such lines, you can set up a private name server from within your account. After registering your private name server with your domain registrar, you can start using them. IP (Internet Protocol) address should used to register the private name servers.

Setting up private name servers in WHM is easy. You need two IP addresses and WHM access to the server. You just need to follow some steps

1: Login to your WHM account in cPanel as root. (For this, you need to have root access to the server).
2: You will see Reseller hub on the left hand side. Click on it.
3: Choose the reseller account provided under Edit reseller rights name servers.
4: Scroll down to see Primary Name Server.
5: Enter in the primary name server
6: Click on the button "assign IP address"
7: Click the button "Add an entry for this name server"
8: Enter in the secondary name server.
9: Click in assign IP address and add an entry for this name server
10: Save the changes
Note down your reseller's IP and the name servers they belong to. Click "Manage Name server IP". You can then view all name servers running.

Once you set up reseller private name servers, you need to register them. Login to your domain management page and check the domains you registered. Register and as name servers.

Setting up reseller private name servers is an easy task. The registration may take a few days to transmit. Normally, it does not take more than 3 days. After registering your private name servers, you can allow your clients to get a domain name from you. Private name servers help you to hide your server provider's name from your clients and create a great impression about you in their minds.

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