Tips To Build And Run A Forum

A forum otherwise called as bulletin board or threaded discussion. It can be simply understood as conferences or discussion groups held over Internet on any common topic, where a number of people share their views and comments on the topic. A forum should not be confused with Internet blogs or chat rooms. While Internet blogs are driven by a person writing on some topic and all comments are related to topic, chat rooms are online conversations written by people who are online. A forum differs from these by the fact that all users in the bulletin board can start discussions on their own and the comments are written as and when a user logs into the message boards.

A forum has a specific hierarchical like a tree structure in the sense that it can have many sub forums each of them can have several topics (mostly related to one another) under them. Within each topic any number of new discussions can be started and there is no limit to the number of responses that each new topic of discussion may have. On broader terms there can be two types of settings. One kind allows the users to remain anonymous to read and post messages on the forum, while another kind requires a user to register before he can participate in the discussion. However in most cases users are not required to login to read existing messages.

How to build a Forum

A forum can be started and run even by a computer novice because there are ready made tools available over the Internet to set it up in a jiffy. Following are the tips on how to build and run a forum

1: The first and foremost thing you have to do is to find a host for your forum. While hosting can be done on your own it can be harder if you are not a system engineer yourself. Most people look for a hosting service provider that is either paid or free. It is better to go for paid services if you intend to secure your data when you want to leave them.

2: Most paid hosting services offer cPanel tool that comes along with small machines forum (SMF) most of the time. So while signing up your host, look for small machines forum offering in the contract.

3: The next step would be to sign up for a domain name and a hosting account. Be aware that it takes up to 24 hours for a new domain and a hosting account to come into effect.

4: Once your domain and hosting account is active, look in cPanel or free programs area for small machines forum. When you click on this it will give you an option to install it.

5: While installing small machines forum, the forum you are starting can be either made as your home page or a thumb nail in your home page which the users have to click to get access to it.

Now you are all set to go. The whole process how to build a forum gets completed in 15 minutes or so. It is that easy!

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