What Are Managed Dedicated Servers?

The managed dedicated servers are the servers that are used in hosting services where your website is hosted by a third party provider. This means that the server will host only your website and no other website will be hosted on it. At the same the hosting company is responsible for the maintenance and expenses of the server. This is one of the most secured forms of web hosting and is used by many big businesses. Hosting services are one of the most vital aspects of an online business. Without them your website would not get any online presence. There are different types of hosting services that you can go for. All of them have their own advantages as well as disadvantages.

If you are running a big online business then a dedicated server can be highly important for you. The managed dedicated servers are useful for websites that have confidential information. This is ideal for the eCommerce websites. If you sell products through your website and your website has details about your customers then a secured website is the best option. In case of a dedicated server you are the only one who can get access to the server. In shared hosting multiple website owners have access to one particular server. In shared hosting your website may be affected if some other website owner has accesses to the server. This is something that would not happen in case of a dedicated server. Risks in shared server hosting also include viruses which can spread from one website to another. However the shared servers are cheaper than the dedicated ones.

Find the right Managed Dedicated Servers hosting company

The managed dedicated servers may not be low cost like the shared hosting services but you will always be provided with the security benefit that is highly important. The good companies that offer their hosting services with dedicated servers look after the maintenance tasks of the server and also ensure that server works properly. In case of a dedicated server you will definitely get unlimited disk space* and bandwidth*. The dedicated servers can host large sized websites. You can include different types of content in your website. The data in your website will be highly secured in dedicated server.

While selecting a hosting company that offers managed dedicated servers, make sure that the company monitors the server on a constant basis. Any technical problem should always be detected and solved. They must provide you with an up-time rate of minimum 99%. Your online business can have problems if your website faces technical issues and network problems frequently. A proper dedicated server hosting is perfect for any online business that is completely depended on the website. Most of the risks are eliminated by hosting services that used dedicated severs.

Hosting your website with managed dedicated servers is an excellent option for any website owner. Through a proper online search you will be able to find out a professional as well as reputable company that will provide you with managed dedicated servers. Many of them offer managed dedicated servers at highly reasonable rates.

*Disk Space:
The amount of space required for hosting a website.

The rate at which data is transferred to the visitor of your website.

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