What Does Image Web Hosting Mean?

Image web hosting means the service offered on the Internet by a web hosting company through which individuals are able to upload images into a website. images can be one of the following: photos, video clippings, picture albums, audio files. The images are stored on the hosting company's server* and can be accessed through specific codes in the form of tags or URL* by a surfer on the Internet. Today Internet provides a fast yet reliable platform in eCommerce including Internet marketing and Internet shopping. This opens a plethora of possibilities for both seller and buyers thanks to ever pervading Internet technology.

Today it is no wonder that apart from those involved in social networking sites the image web hosting services are also used by business enthusiasts to market their products and publicize information about their company and their products. This web hosting technology has widely become popular due to the win-win situation for everyone involved in the deal. While the image hosting companies share their hosting resources to their clients all for a small margin, the clients are able to reach every household in the nook and corner and buyers having access to all information without stepping out of their homes. To cap all this there are some hosting services that are offered free of cost by the image web hosting provider.

Why is Image Web Hosting so popular ?

Another aspect that has made image hosting so popular in the cyber world is due to the simplicity with which it can be put in to use by anyone. There is no computing background necessary so it is not confined to only tech-savvy. All the necessary tools and infrastructure is provided by the hosting company and/or its reseller that even a novice can host his or her images in a smooth way. This is because image web hosting sites provide its users or clients with an interface to upload your files or images that are residing in your personal computer or a laptop.

All we need to do is to provide the location of our images in our local system in the form displayed by the uploading interface* and once the "submit" button is clicked, the images get copied to the host's server. Some image web hosting services allows you to load multiple images at once or specify a zipped* file containing multiple images. Sometimes image web hosting services are FTP* friendly, that is allowing one to upload single or multiple images through a FTP program or a FTP compatible browser* at one shot.

Once the images are uploaded it is available to the public viewing. The access to these images can be made embedded in other websites by using the access codes of the images generated while uploading. Both in free image hosting or paid Image web hosting service hot-linking* your images is possible. And image web hosting providers also usually are able to track the hits to your images and send you frequent updates to your mail box or SMS updates. So is it not time to bid adieu to cumbersome photo albums and make your presence felt in the cyber world by going for an image web hosting provider?

A computer or a network of computers that are a storehouse of data and information

Website address

A software bridge that is used to communicate between two computers or computer systems

Compressed to save hard disk space

File transfer protocol

User interface to file system

Accessing one website from another

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