What Does Reseller Web Hosting Mean?

Reseller web hosting refers to the form of hosting web sites for a third party customer on their behalf. This can be better understood by drawing an analogy to one of our day to day experiences. Suppose you have a car that you are not using, but your not interested to sell it. To gain some income out of the unused car you can lease it out to a tourist or a travel company who can run the car for his customers and in return pay you a commission on the basis of how much your car has been put into use.

Similarly there are some resellers who purchase the resources from a reseller web hosting service in bulk (otherwise called wholesale) and then sell it to its clients in parts gaining a profit in the process. As any commodity in the world of trade wholesale purchase in large amounts is always cheaper than buying in smaller amounts. Reseller web hosing is a good technique to share the huge resource which may not be needed by a single individual but to distribute it across so as to serve the needs of a group of people. And both parties gain in the process.

Different way's of Reseller Web Hosting

Usually this is done by two ways by the resellers. In the first method the reseller web hosting provider just hires the web hosting services. In this method of reseller web hosting technique, the Reseller is allowed to share a certain portion of the disc space and bandwidth allocated to him to his customers. While disc space refers to the hard disk and bandwidth refers to the rate of data transfer. Disc space decides the amount of pictures and videos that can be stored by the end user* and bandwidth decides how fast these can be accessed by him.

In the second method, the reseller web hosting provider hires a dedicated server* from the hosting company and then uses this server to host a shared web hosting services to his clients. This kind of reseller web hosting is carried out by those who are web developers or designers or it might be a firm designing websites for its customers. They usually offer this kind of web hosting facilities as an add-on service to their clients to market their designing skills. While they win the customer's web design contract, the customer enjoys his share of web hosting resources allocated to him. It paves for a win-win situation for both.

Though reseller web hosting has become one of the most popular online businesses it does not necessarily call for extensive knowledge on the technical aspects of web hosting. This is because the networking infrastructure and hardware is taken care by the data center and server connectivity and software issues are handled by server hosting company from whom the reseller web hosting has bought his hosting rights. Thus he enjoys the best of both worlds with his own customers and client base being his only focus. So it's no wonder that so many resellers web hosting providers are thriving in the market in spite of it being a low margin business!

*Dedicated server:
A high end computer that is specifically allocated for a single purpose such as storage, network etc.

*End user:
A client who buys the hosting service from the Reseller.

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