What Features Does Image Web Hosting Offer?

Image web hosting services offer a wide range of competitive features that can be beneficial for the complete horizon of Internet surfers. At the low end are common social networking enthusiasts who want to make a mark by publishing their latest photos and albums to their social circles. At the top are high end corporate companies looking at Internet as the best tool to widen their horizons of marketing and customer service. Midway in the radar are the small to medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) who are making their presence felt by efficiently putting to use the avenues of the cyber world.

Whatever the motives behind Image web hosting are the features that are offered in this field of Internet publishing of images (in the form of photos/pictures, video clippings etc) can be discussed under two heads namely main features and web site building features

Main features of Image web hosting

1: The amount of disk space allotted to on the image web hosting server decides how many such images of yours can be uploaded.

2: The bandwidth allotted to accessing your images decides how fast it can be viewed by Internet surfers. While free hosting services deploy a limit most of the paid services allow unlimited bandwidth.

3: File size limits of your images decides how big your pictures can be. This directly depends on bandwidth limitation.

4: Image web hosting also comes with mail box services that enables you to keep in touch with your image accessing hits and updates/blogs on the images are also offered.

5: There are advertising tie ups which enables image hosts to provide free hosting services to their clients. They may be in the form of pop ups or scrolls in the website.

Web site building features

1: The site tools or the interface programs that enables you to decide and design the layout of your sites. Most of these tools are user friendly and self explanatory.

2: Copier and manager of files that are provided to copy your files from any location and a file manager program to maintain your files.

3: The number of domains that are allotted for your usage. Multiple domains let you link to multiple websites from your home page.

4: FTP* access to your image is offered by most image web hosting services that is the most convenient way to upload your images to the host server.

5: Some hosting services offer enhancements such as slide show viewing and dashboard facilities that helps in easy communication and receiving updates.

6: Once the images are published these image web hosting services help to track the guests, their comments and updates instantaneously.

7: Some services provide you with site searching engine to search for information easily and quickly.

That is not all! Some of the pioneers in paid image web hosting companies offer additional features to extract reports, feedback to enable statistical comparison and decision making. Hence sky is the limit to expand your business and sharpen your decision making acumen. It never hurts to keep pace with technology and its nuances!

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