Which Control Panel Is Preferable - cPanel Or Plesk?

Generally cPanel is more preferred than Plesk as the control panel for website hosting. cPanel is used for managing the servers much easily and efficiently. Most of the hosting services use either cPanel or Plesk. Both of the control panels have their own advantages. However according to experts in the industry and most website owners cPanel is considered to be the best option. These control panels are offered by the companies for easily performing different types of tasks. Both of these control panels provide the users with user friendly interface.
They provide a wide range of features and options for the configuration of the websites and the server. Both cPanel and Plesk are ideal for a beginner as well as an advanced user. With the help of servers that have such control panels you will be able to maintain a website successfully. However the cPanel can be more effective than Plesk.

Both the cPanel as well as Plesk perform the similar type of functions but still they are different from each other. When it comes to the users and administration the cPanel possesses a whole section known as WHM* which is dedicated fully to the administration users that are responsible for the maintenance and configuration of the server. Both cPanel and Plesk help to create websites and accounts. They are also responsible for server administration, backups, updates and many other tasks. With the help of cPanel an end user can directly log in into the control panel.

cPanel or Plesk?

In Plesk the users access all of the provided tools and the features on the same website. When you are thinking to go for cPanel or Plesk an important factor to keep in mind is the operating system. The best benefit about Plesk is that this control panel can work on both Windows and Linux. cPanel on the other hand do not support all the Windows versions and are generally used for Linux-based web hosting.

You should have a good idea before choosing cPanel or Plesk. There are certain other advantages of Plesk and Plesk is also cheaper than cPanel. However, cPanel has proved to be the better option due to several reasons. First of all this control panel offers a depth in the use. Many people using cPanel can find solutions for different issues. This can be done quite easily. cPanel is much easier to use when compared with Plesk. The graphical user interface of cPanel is also better than most of the control panels including Plesk. It does not take a long time to learn the ways of using this control panel. Due to this many prefer cPanel.

cPanel also offers the users with fast loading and excellent reseller support. It is extremely functional. It has a huge array of features and is extendable. These features have made cPanel the most common control panel that is used in the web hosting industry. If you are confused about buying cPanel or Plesk based hosting then cPanel is always the preferable one.

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