Which Operation System Should I Choose For A Dedicated Server?

An operating system for a server refers to software or a group of programming language that has its control extracted upon the other software's operated on the server, applications that a computer or sever can cater to. A client using a dedicated server can choose from a huge array of operating systems some being commercial according to the needs of his website's work process. But every operating system obviously has its own set of pros and cons that one should consider before choosing an operating system for a dedicated server. Thus a server can cater to his own set of needs and usability as well as affordability while finding an efficient operating system for their dedicated server.

A Windows based dedicated server is quite popular since Windows is the widely accepted software or operating system all round the world. It is user friendly and employs a lot of complimentary features and applications. But Microsoft has now come forward in providing other better software opportunities to its servers by launching multiple operating system versions those manage the server with greater user efficiency. One opting for a Windows based OS for their servers is that many software applications claim the working of their components only in Windows environment employing limited configuration work. But using a Windows based OS is expensive to avail for a dedicated server.

How to choose the best Dedicated Server?

Several open source applications are also present but the support or management level of such applications is not reliable as contrary to paid applications. ASP, MySQL, SQL, ADO.net, ASP.net are some of the platforms for utilizing a Windows operated dedicated server. All such conditions and lagging of Windows should be considered while choosing an operating system for a dedicated server.

On the other hand a Linux powered operating system can empower several other applications or options. The Linux based operating system provides the best control over the dedicated server and the dedicated server owner can also avail a greater range of applications both paid or open sourced. They can also increase the server administration imposed by the dedicated server owner. Linux is also attaining credibility over Windows because they are less prone to malicious codes, viruses and are more secure from frauds. Such operating systems can easily be sourced to PHP, Mod rewriting, MY SQL Database, Apache web server etc. Thus while choosing an operating system for a dedicated server is concerned Linux is emerging as a more reliable option.

There are also other alternatives for choosing an operation system for a dedicated server beside the formal Windows or Linux powered operating systems. These alternatives are at times open sourced or can even be custom built by the server user itself. Thus the system server user in this way lay access to many numbers of auto generated applications. But these alternative services are equally compatible for PHP, Mod rewriting, My SQL servers. They are in no way inferior to the conventional windows or Linux base operating systems.

Choosing an operating system for a dedicated server is a tricky decision and should be made considering the needs of the server user. Clients can even manage their own server and use their own operating system.

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